We Actually Like #26


Kowton Vs The Kelly Twins – East Street Riddim

Grime instrumentals aren’t usually my bag, but what I do like about them, this track by Bristol’s finest Kowton & The Kelly Twins posseses in abundance. STRIPPED BACK, in a big way – dubbed out, reverbed to fuck vocal snatches, a two note melody, big lazer guns, super minimal percussion and a lot of atmospheric terror.  That’s about it, and what more could you possibly require? (Joe) 

Michael Rother – Karussell (from the new Deutsche Elektronische Musick compilation on Soul Jazz)
Finally got my mitts on the lovingly crafted Part 2 of the Soul Jazz Krautrock masterpiece collections… and this is a little beauty on there from Michael Rother.  Thank you Soul Jazz for bringing this into my life! (Wil) x

Barnt – Ariola
Absolutely mental.  Complete show stoppers!  Think Tenaglia in the middle of an 8 hour marathon, stopping the music, messing about on the mic, lulling the patrons into a false sense of security, and then proceeding to blow everyone’s tits off with something like this. (Mike)