We actually like… #25


Kleenex – Nice 
Having recently re-entered the realms of post-punk in a massive way after a few years away from the genre that defined my teenage years, I find myself constantly returning to Switzerland’s Kleenex. They’re just perfect, the look, the performance and of course the tune. In a musical world where genres are blurring ever further into homogeneity (in a good way!), we could definitely do with more groups like this. Simple and effective instrumentation combined with an effortless cool factor.  (Patrick)


Night Works – Long Forgotten Boy (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework)

I love Erol… never one to fit to anything other than himself this is an ace psyched out low slung synth monster sampling the drums from Stop Making Sense’s version of Psycho Killer with what should be a hugely cheese laden set of power chords but just works… so well. Bring back music that makes life fun again. 
I want to be back at The End or at least in a proper dark roomed club on strong biscuits. (Wil)

James Welsh – Craven (Futureboogie)
This is amazing, well the A-side is anyway. Very current, but it has real personality, and I like the fact that it’s down at 115bpm, which lends itself to a more Balearic world than the world it actually came from. No doubt DJs will pitch it up and mix it with plenty of tracks that use the same sounds and conform to the same genre, but it will piss all over them.

Oliver Deutschmann – Out of The Dark (Vidab Records)
The quality of production on this album is absolutely spectacular, from Vidab label boss and Panorama Bar resident Deutschmann. There’s a real old skool techno feel to the kicks and rattles, but on top of that is overpowering dreaminess. Each track seems to announce itself and set a scene – almost every track would be ideal for the beginning of a DJ mix, not to mention the fact that it all works as an album as well. This is the excellent Tomas Svensson remix of my favourite track on the album, Space Desert.