We Actually Like… #17


Joe's gone AWOL on a drinking binge in the studio at NTS, Tim's combing his fringe somewhere in anticipation of the Disco Biscuit/R$N Xmas throw down tomorrow night but never fear, there's still some of us left to be banding around the positivity… Mike steps back into the fold, Wil gets greedy and picks 3, yes 3 this week and Patrick, amazes with his refined taste for a man of such a few short years… it's all up from here baby! 

Frak – Deep Twist Mini LP
Sweden's Borft Recordings has long had a reputation for bringing out a bunch of weird and wacky experimental electronica and whilst this release by fellow countrymen Frak might not be the most out-there 12" in their discography, it's definitely able to compete with the best. Exhibiting exactly how much you can do with analogue gear and acidic basslines, this is an incredibly diverse record, swerving from synth-pop leanings to harder edged club tracks yet still managing to maintain that certain Frak charm. The highlight for me comes in the form of drunken acid flourishes that stumble and quiver their way across 'Born Flexible' in exhilarating fashion.

Cantaloupe – Scuttle – from the Teapot EP
Taken from the Teapot EP earlier in the year, Scuttle has helped maintain an aura of calm whilst the rest of my world seems to have been losing its head… simple, naive (in the most flattering of ways) electronics to soothe the onslaught of a season of absurdity. Put the kettle on, stick the heating on and listen to this as the sun breaks through the window. Keep calm, it's only a phase this season you know. x

Kiyomitsu Miyashita – Carewalk – The Bohemian Club
On a similar twilight saviour level to the above, you could put this on at any time of day or night and everything will be alright… it really will. Coming from a rather fine label which came to our attention recently; The Bohemian Club, this was probably out ages ago but again I don't really care too shits when it sounds this good. Do release dates even mean anything these days anyway? More to come from The Bohemian Club on these pages… investigate this further. It is a mandatory request that I make of you when something this beautiful is coming from my speakers. 

Das Volt-The Rose EP (Mark E Remix)
Just great… simple as that. Mark E is great… this is n' all. Listen… buy! 

Kruse & Nuernberg & Nathan G -We Like What We Do (SC Cut)
I always enjoy Kruse & Nuernberg's impressions of US House producers.  Despite mixing in Hamburg and Berlin circles, they use a lot of tried and tested sounds that we've heard many times down the years from the old guard across the pond, but they seem to do it with more skill and personality than many of the originators.  Their latest EP is on Liebe*Detail; and my fave track is the wonky C-Side: 

Justin Long Mix
Listen to this mix, for God's sake, listen to it.  It comes courtesy of Chicago's Justin Long, who as well as being behind Dotbleep Recordings, became a bit of a legend on the after-party circuit a few years ago, especially up north.  Don't see much of him in the UK these days, but more fool the UK – this guy is fucking proper – and what he's playing now is a zillion miles away from the jackin' US House that he was loved for back in the day.  This is psychedelic and spacey, but with an edgy undercurrent.  Best mix I've heard for ages.  And he had the cheek to do this live in Smart Bar.