We actually Like #15


Moonstarr – Pablo's Groove

Parages is a new Montreal based label, run by the charismatic french man Jonattan Levingstone and this cut from Moonstarr is taken from their third vinyl release to date, an EP shared between Moonstarr himself and fellow Montreal producers Simon Called Peter and Recife. I used to live in Montreal, and it's a richly musical city full of great musicians and, seemingly, loads of old analogue hardware. There is a humour at play in a lot of the music that comes out of the city, a kind of geeky genius vibe runs through a lot of the musicians I came to meet in my time there, and Pablo's Groove has that attitude. Cheeky, not taking its self too seriously but, still, musically rich. Montreal sits quite close to both Detroit and New York, and to my ears this track has a bit of both those cities in it, but most of all it sounds like Montreal. (Joe)

Tommy Stewart – Practice What You Preach (Zernell + Rahaa Edit)
Disco edits, where would the house scene be without them, eh? Whilst they might be a bit overdone, especially recently, there's something irresistible about them and it'd be daft to complain when they're as good as this. The classic elements are all present and correct, wah-heavy guitar, soaring strings and a nifty bassline, as well as a doozy of a vocal line, layered and stretched out to create a real dancefloor burner. A classy reworking that both respects and reinvents the original. (Patrick)

FIT featuring Gunnar Wendel feat. Omar S – Enter the Fog (FXHE Records)

If titular indications or previous work is anything to by, this collaboration between FIT aka Aaron Siegel (Omar S affiliate) and Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse seemed to suggest that this might be some kind of base reverie with screwed fidelity, one that reveals its lustre in the oblique way that favours repeated listens – something you always seem to find at least in the case of Mosse and Omar. But instead, this is as direct as they come. Although the bass resonates, ominous as if stirring in some ravine, the drive is blistering and there’s some lonely, overhung notes of piano filling out the charged surge with enough plaintive depth. You knew this collaboration was always going to be good. (Tim)

Grauzone – Eisbär
God I'm fucking sick of listening to shit promos this week ( #socalledjournoscomplaining ). I need something I can sing… in German.