We Actually Like…#12


Wavelength – Funk Dreams
The repressed 7 of this is back in Phonica, it's actually Dam Funk (as you can probably tell, if you've heard much of his stuff). All oberheim drums and extended chords, it's that sleazy, slow west coast boogie sound to the power of 10 that Dam Funk perfected before he started getting all weird with his jazz funk vibe. Get some good weed, put this on the turntable and pretend you're cool, thats what I do anyway. (Joe)

#1 Fiedel – Andreas

As one half of MMM, Fiedel is probably used to dividing opinions. Brash and lurid, a lot of people hate their brand of electro but I have to admit I've always been a massive fan of their unapologetically straight-forward approach to the genre. This is Fiedel's first foray on his new label, Fiedelone, and is unlikely to win him any new fans, but that suits me down to the ground. The incessantly looping synth line could step over into the realms of annoying for some, but I can't help but love his playful approach to the genre.  (Patrick)


Feel I’m over-exercising my liberties with this feature, but this week I’ve got two things I actually like. Considering my vitriolic misanthropy, in regards to what trite-shite continually fills my inbox, or what bargain-bin bollocks overwhelms me, as I like others, bear the brunt of the sounds of falsely glistening, franchise-fuckery in daily life, this is rare.

#1 Joe – R.E.J. Bit

Hemlock have always been cannier than your standard sub-bass staple, nevertheless I was still surprised when I heard this. Largely filtering out the tremulant starkness that you'd expect, (which only arises at the close) it's coloured slightly by echoes of early post-millenial R & B with looping, jazzy laps that coil irresistibly, whilst all the accompanying elements are brought in and out of the fore.

#2 Powell – Body Music

Anything that makes me want to put on fingerless leather gloves and sport a bandana, a la Alan Vega has definitely got something to it. It sounds like some fifteen year old reprobates (listen to the sample dialogue – 'Fight! Let's Fight!') tumbling around in a garage of sequencers and bass guitars, their activity vitalized by the veritably pure premise of never knowing quite what you're doing. Carries on what seems a resurgence of post-punk/techno hybridizing.

(Check Actress 'IWAAD', Ike Yard 'Loss' – Regis Remix for more of this sort) (Tim)

Django Django – Life's a Beach (Steve Mason Priests of Sound Remix) –
In my ideal world Steve Mason would write all pop music. The fact he's still making music this good still makes me more and more excited for his second solo album – if indeed Mr Obtuse decides to make one or simply sidestep into another moniker. Anyway, I digress in true Wil form. This is an incredible, euphoric, horn-laden rework that takes me back to dancing on a roof as the sun came up over a Balearic isle… but you can listen to it to other places too. This clear, frosty November morning is another good. In fact any place and any day I'd say this'd pretty much make your day. I hope this is pressed on heavyweight vinyl. I will buy it. Life is good.