Trevor Jackson’s 8 Tracks


Trevor Jackson has been working at the forefront of audio and visual culture for over 20 years. Art Director, Designer, Moving-Image maker and Producer’s work has been exhibited at the ICA, BALTIC, GUGGENHEIM and BARBICAN, as well as on countless, seminal record covers. With its emphasis on visual as much as musical artistry and innovation, Jackson’s iconic OUTPUT RECORDINGS label set a new aesthetic standard that prompted critics to declare it this decade’s equivalent to Factory.

His own approach to creating music forms an uncompromising blend of diverse sounds that traverse the sonic spectrum. A forward-thinking approach driven by an enduring commitment to promote innovation and new talent, as well as extensive knowledge and respect for music history and its cultural roots, Jackson's ability to communicate with the dancefloor, whether it be in larger mainstream clubs, high profile fashion & Art events or smaller underground parties across the globe, keep him one of London's most notable DJ's.
Jackson is playing a whole, whopping eight hour set at A Night With…Trevor Jackson on Saturday 26th January at Basing House. Ahead of that, he was asked to pick out eight tracks, one for each hour he'll be playing. Here they are, a mouthwatering slection:  
1. King Sunny Ade Ja Funmi (Waka Version)
2. Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown
3. Theo Parrish – Dusty Cabinets 
4. Masters at Work Alright Alright (Heart Mix)
5. Eric B & Rakim – Juice (Know the Ledge)
6. DJ Mink – Hey! Hey! Can U Relate (Sunshine Dub Instrumental)
7. Tres Demented – Demented (Laurent Garnier Edit)
8. Eberhard Scoener – Why Don't You Answer? (Flashback)
A Night With…Trevor Jackson is on 26th january at Basing House. Grab tickets for it here.