Traktor Scratch Tutorial – Minimising Glitches & Drop Outs


Last week I was playing a pretty big gig when my Traktor set up decided to have a total spaz fit. Just to get techy for a moment, I run it through a Native Instruments Audio 8 soundcard, connected to Technics turntables running MK2 control vinyl. I use this set up week in, week out, with hardly any hassles, but this night it all went tits up – any time I tried to play two tunes together the sound would turn into a crackling garbled mass. It sounded like Davros covering Tempa T, and was by and large, a total nightmare. I thought it might have been down to intereference from the other guys Serato box, but when I got home I saw that teh problem remained – the CPU meter was right in the red and the audio performance was woeful.

After a few hours rooting around online, and picking through the insane technical jargon of the Traktor help files, I worked out how to sort it out so everything was sounding gravy again – then I decided to record a video of how I did this to save anyone else similar grief in the future – if you're having the same problem I've hopefully just given you back the 3 hours you were about to lose trying to find a solution. Get me a pint when you see me, yeah?

Anyway, here's the video, feel free to ask any questions in the comments if it seems unclear: