Track By Track: Wrong Assessment & Max_M – Toe Tag Ep


M_Rec boss Max_M has joined forces with young Milanese artist Wrong Assessment to put together a three track EP, set to be released via Parachute on Monday. The two artists have really blended their respective musical styles to forge a three track extended play that thoroughly underlines our notion of proposing forward thinking aesthetics. Here, they talk us through each track in detail;

Wrong Assessment / Max_M – TOE TAG:

This collaboration between Max and I came as quite a surprise to both of us.

In that period I had signed a couple of tracks to Parachute records and I was working on some new material I wanted to send to M_Rec LTD. Since I didn’t know Max personally I asked through friends we had, and still have in common to get my music through to him. When I finally managed to get my demos through to him it struck me to find out he was into them and wanted signed some of them. When he subsequently asked me to work in the studio together I obviously said yes, and shortly after that Toe-Tag was born.


It was quite for some time that I wanted to create a track that had a disturbing structure surrounded by creepy atmospheres. I always made tracks trying to give an hypnotic effect but this time I wanted to make a track which was a proper peak time techno tool with an introspective way of interpreting it and that could cause the listener(s) to a certain feeling of discomfort. So on a Sunday night, last winter, I had just finished watching “Paragraph 175“ and I felt the need to make some music: I went to the studio and made this track in one go. It's a track I purposefully made to be played in techno sets.

Wrong Assessment – SCAPHOID:

It all started creating a fast 909 loop, taking some of the elements and passing them through a distortion pedal. I loved the organic feel the drum took and so I did the same thing to the simple rhythmic bassline. The raw track was just an aggressive tool without any soul so I decided to add to it. Adding a pad to soften it up and play around with both the cleaner and dirtier elements made me find the perfect balance and brought me into the direction I wanted this track to take.

'Toe Tag' is released on Monday 12th January via Parachute Records.