Track By Track: Sau Poler – Memorabilia


Barcelona's music scene has flourished in recent years due to the tireless work of artists such as John Talabot, Pedro Vian, Pional and more. One such artist with affiliations to the Hivern Discs label is Sau Poler who's brand of exotic electronic productions has captured the ears of many as of late. It infuses the lush warmth of a city in motion alongside the darker undertones of club culture and dance music. We caught up with him to talk through his latest release titled 'Memorabilia'. 

Jaffe House

Jaffe House was inspired by the buildings that Norman Foster & Partners built back in mid 60’s, and featured in my favorite film of all time, ‘A Clockwork Orange’. It’s a track that lays on different spots and shows the whole sonic palette that you’ll find during the album length. Maybe the most playable track in a club environment context of the EP.


I started out by trying to create a track with an old-disco funk vibe, but then I added some synths and arpeggios and it became something more techno. ‘Signes’ probably took me the least amount of time to record, I was just trying keep a coherent intensity all the time. I love the subtle horns and marimbas at the end of the track.   


This is probably my favorite track on the EP. One of those rare moments when you create music in a very natural and inspiring way. I love the sonic journey that this track takes you on through the continuous exploration of different airy ambient passages, textures and spaces. ‘Esperits’ is the track that I enjoyed most during the creation of the EP, I really like the way it came through the combination of all the instruments that I’ve use recording it.


The most up-tempo track on the EP, and the most stressful. The purpose was make you feel a sense of liberation after you listen to the song. Initially I wanted to create a jazz-inflicted obscure down-tempo track, but then I decided to add that bass line on the mid big break and everything changed. That delirium atmosphere invites you to capture some violent arps and raving rhythms till the end.


I’ve always been in love with ambient and avant-garde records, so I decided to create a track that navigates in this direction. Just focusing on layering atmospheres and textures without many percussions or rhythm elements. It’s nice to keep it like that because then you can completely revisit the track during your live shows and you can add tons of percussions to make it more danceable.

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