Track By Track: Sage Caswell – Hoop Earring


In 2013 Sage Caswell first appeared on a new EP from the record label Peach as he collaborated with Cromie. What took many people by surprise however was not this in itself but the fact that Kyle Hall had chosen to remix a track from the EP, an uncommon feat. It certainly indicated that there was value in the originality of the EP and few sign off their debut release with one of Detroit's leading lights in firm support. 

Fast forward a few years and things have moved very fast for Sage Caswell. Since his debut he has released a series of EP's across anumber of label's including 2MR, Decabaret and Spring Theory. It is the latter which broke the news earlier this year that Sage Caswell would be releasing his debut album with the label at the tail end of this year, today to be precise. To release an LP within the world of electronic music is to make a statement. Most full length album's lack the consistency and originality which lead them to be anything more than a collection of misplaced club tracks. 

However, Sage Caswell is no rookie or uninformed punk. He knows this better than most and as a result the release is deliberate, carefully orchestrated and makes perfect sense. In his own words he states: 

"In Janet Murray's, "Hamlet on the Holodeck", she explains that fiction is a way to deal with everyday problems by making us be involved enough to care but detached enough to be able to retreat if the suffering is too much. I relate this to Hoop Earring in that it became somewhat of a coping mechanism. I don't have much else to say, other than that I'm proud of the album and that I'm happy to share it."

He guides us through the album below…

Ray of Light 95’

Season: Fall

Inspiration: "Ray of Light 95’" is inspired by all of the writing on all of the walls.

Setting: Wherever you are, try starting your day with this song.

Introduction to WS

Season: Fall

Inspiration: "Introduction to WS" is a song that is inspired by operating autonomously.

Setting: I would actually really appreciate it if you listened to this song while taking a bath.

Danny’s Telephone Voice

Season: Spring 

Inspiration: “Danny’s Telephone Voice” was inspired by rapid change and the ability to react to it.

Setting: I stopped driving a handful of years ago but I think that this would be something i’d enjoy listening to in a car while driving.


Season: Spring

Inspiration: “Y’all” is a song that I wrote and never finished. I’d show it to friends when they came over but only by triggering everything live. I finally finished it and am happy to share it with you in it’s final form.

Setting: I think that “Y’all” is nice to listen to while you’re on vacation.

All of Gardens

Season: Winter

Inspiration: “All of Gardens” was inspired by this image.

Setting: I always liked listening to this song really loud and if you can do that go for it please.

Here We Guard Upon The Soul

Season: Spring

Inspiration: One of two collaborative tracks; I wrote this one with Emma Pryde and it’s about doing things with your heart.

Setting: I hope that you will think about this when you dive into a pool of water.

31514726 (Step 2)

Season: Fall

Inspiration: Two of two collaborative tracks; This was written with my friend Floyd Campbell at my apartment in 2014. This was originally included in a mix I made for White Light.

Setting: It is my hopes that you will give this one a chance in your night time playlist.

Joy Tel

Season: Winter

Inspiration: “Joy Tel” is named after a cell phone store close to my apartment in East Hollywood and was inspired by Hypnagogia.   

Setting: Please listen to this song when you go onto the mountain.


Season: Fall

Inspiration: “DYC” was inspired by the feeling of waking up completely sober on a Saturday morning knowing you kept it super real on Friday night and prepared to have a bangin and productive Saturday doing what you do. You can apply this to “Saturday /Sunday” too.

Setting: I’ve had some of my talented friends who DJ tell me this track is fun at the parties so maybe this comes on while you’re in the function one time.

Zora Scales (Step 1)

Season: Spring

Inspiration: “Zora Scales” is named after an item you receive in one of the Zelda games that allows you the ability to hold your breathe underwater for an extended period of time. The song is about the feeling of starting anew.

Setting: I have personally enjoyed listening to this song when I’m doing work around the house. My suggestions are my own and I’m chuffed you’d listen to this record in any capacity ay all. If I may impart any last words upon you before you complete reading this: I am serious in my request that you try bathing to this record, I am honored you’d take time out to read my thoughts on all this and I hope you have a good time.

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