Track By Track: Reymour – Leviosa


Every now and then, an album really becomes an earworm. You listen to it over and over again, yet it still feels fresh every time. Reymour’s debut LP Leviosa has just that effect. 

Now based in Brussels, the duo of Luc and Lou wrote this release during a time of transition, moving from their home in Fribourg, Switzerland to the Belgian capital to start a new chapter.

Written and recorded in both locations, the 11 tracks see the pair blend elements of chanson, synth-pop and minimal wave, crafting an album which feels completely timeless. While Luc provides the musical foundation, pulling from the aforementioned musical influences, Lou’s vocals touch on feelings of anxiety, love, sexual orientation and melancholy, delivered through her wistful yet playful tone.

Ahead of the release, which is coming out via Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis, Luc and Lou talk us through the origins of each of the track and the meaning behind their lyrics. 

Le flot de ces Mots

This track was made in our living room in Brussels. At the time we didn’t have any place to put our stuff so we worked at home. The track speaks about getting lost in the nightlife, and how love can be difficult and hard in this kind of environment.

De Ma Tour

We started this in Switzerland last Summer. The contemporary Musuem of Fribourg, FRI-ART, in our home town, lent us a room so we could keep working on our album. First we started to record Lou’s chords with a classical Yamaha pss and then we added the drums. And finally one month later we recorded the vocals in Brussels. The text speaks about nostalgia, love, anxiety — all these feelings are related with pictures. It’s really important for us that the listener can interpret our text in many different ways.

Je te tiens, Tu me tiens

We made this in Brussels in our “studio” =) We finally got a place to do music at the end of last summer. It was really important for us to leave our living room and have a real working space. Since we have this place we’ve begun to record some real bass and drum elements that you can hear on this track. Le début des paroles est inspiré d’une comptine pour enfant et peu à peu se transforme en comptine pour adulte consentents.

Au Rythme de l’Ennui

We don’t remember exactly where and when we did this track, certainly in our living room. The lyrics speak about routine and boredom.

Six Pouces 

This is a typical late night track. We used to jam together with a casio when we got back home after a party.

Holly Mother

This is the first track that we finished for the album. Mark decided to work with us in part because of this track. We first recorded the drums and the bass. The bass was recorded with a guitar that we pitched down. The lyrics speak about trying again and again.

Dans L’Oregon

This track was made with Louis Battaille aka Low Bat. We thought of imitating a broken music box for the instrumental and drum section. We made this during the big fire period in Oregon, which is why we named it like that. The lyrics are also related to this disaster.

“Dans l’Oregon, on prend nos alarmes, on sonne et on crame”


This track was made in our home town, Fribourg in Switzerland. It speaks about nostalgia for our dead.

Valse pour un Con

This track was made for an alcoholic with no balls, certainly a jealous guy! It’s a nice way of fucking with a waltz.


This track speaks about Lilith. She is the first true woman created by god in the Bible. Lilith was repudiated in hell for refusing to submit to Adam. She is one of the first feminist figures, it’s why we wanted to pay her tribute. Daya is the name of a very good friend, a strong women who identifies well with this figure of freedom.

Holly Ama

Holly Ama is a rework of Holly Mother. We wanted to do a track with a cello so we decided to take the chorus of Holly Mother, slow it down and put a cello on it.