Track By Track: Randomize – Cómo Se Divertirán Los Insectos?


The beginning of this year saw a very special reissue. Equilibrio has just re-released the pioneering work of Eugenio who might be better known as Randomize. This highly sought after record has been widely acclaimed and had become champiomed by the likes of Trevor Jackson. Packed full of originality and delicate intricacy it was miles ahead of its time given that it was originally released back in the 1980's. We caught up with label boss Damien Schwartz to talk about reissuing the record as he guides us through track by track…

"I am not the artist behind this album but the label manager. With Eugenio not being available at the moment I’d like to first explain how I stumbled upon this record and my introduction to Randomize, Dr. Flanger. 

Besides my career as a prodcuer and disc jockey I have been working in studios as an assistant and as an engineer for a long time. One of my first contacts with a studio was with Eugenio’s “BOX” in Madrid, back in 2002. A friend asked me to come by and help due to some issues with their migration to Pro Tools and so I went. I kept visiting for some time and after a while a developed a friendship with Eugenio and his team. One which went on to last for years. 

It took him some time to start talking about his own projects and I was amazed to discover him as being one half of Mecánica Popular. Although being quite unknown outside of Spain (until their recent re-issue that is) they are somewhat of a cult band for electronic and underground heads, especially here in Madrid. After this I researched a bit and discovered the pairs side projects: this included Eugenio's work as Dr Flanger and Randomize, as well as Luis Delgado's side projects which included Vathek and Finis Africae. 

Recently interest has begun to develop in the Spanish electronic sounds from the 80s, I rushed to Eugenio to find the tapes for his projects in order to properly reissue them. It is important for me to keep at least some of the reissues within the same country that saw them born. That is how this record returned to life and is the reason why Mecánica Popular decided to prepare a performance for 2017. They are also in the production of a new record which will see the light on Equilibrio this year… 

As a producer and engineer that worked on hundreds of recordings, Eugenio is deeply interested on sound development and manipulation, when talking to him about his inspiration and working process he said he would be inspired by a variety of different sources.

The original release featured an insert with an image representing each track. I have included these below…"

– Damien Schwartz (Equilibrio)

The original insert as referenced above.


Light Blue.
Winter in Madrid, with it’s crispy clear sky.

"Since I’d never know what really inspired Eugenio for any particular track I’d give my own impression, based upon my chats with him about this album and music in general. From my point of view this is the typical example of Eugenio’s most Ambient and Musique Concrete influences, actually the name of randomize comes from that, as he tried to establish a certain control within chaos, and record what came from it." 

Movilidad Incesante

Light Green. 
Winter again, a darker day.

"For me Eugenio’s rhythm sections are very quickly identifiable, strong and defined beats are something that are very important to him, I’m not very certain were the inspiration for this might come from, but it clearly underlines his fascination for overwhelming and strong sounds. It has this kind of in your face feeling and a metric machine like pace which might take you back to the early Kraut and Electronic Pioneers such as Kraftwerk, Cluster or Eno."


The  start of a warm Autumn.

"He says he normally get’s inspired by many different sources, from a building to a film. I always thought about this track being influenced by Gilliams 'Brazil' but I can’t confirm so, however this combination of strong and metric rhythms with the “tropicalist” melody kind of reminds me of its atmosphere."



"Ambient – Tape loop passages are my favorite songs from this record, I guess again this draws inspiration from Avant Garde and Concrete writings and composers, he told me all this passages are based around tape loops and happy accidents." 


Autumn Red.

"Nothing really reminds me of this, maybe some of the most experimental subotnik pieces filled with Spacey and Bouncy rhythms."


Dark Orange.
Summer, early morning.

"Another piece based around tape samples, guitars in this case, I’d remit to the above mentioned 'Subliminal' "


I’d say a Kaleidoscope in fast movement.

"An ambient passage that serves as a beautiful transition." 

Extraños Aparatos


"Native vibes here for me, it has a kind of ceremonial – hypnotic vibe, might be influenced for the picture Eugenio associated it with, definitely can’t compare this to any other thing."


Deep Blue.
Northern Summer.

"Another beautiful ambient passage, a very subaquatic feel to it, almost like an ocean surrounded by vast green fields." 

Radio Manila

Late Spring.

"Another beautiful metric drum song, difficult to define, it vaguely reminds me of the Electro pioneer sound of the eighties, Kraftwerk too, but with this soulful chord that harmonizes it." 



"A bouncy and experimentalist rhythmic excursion, a short passage that mostly serves as a reset and preparation to the next beauty."

La Armonia De Las Esferas

Dark Orange.
End of Summer.

"My favourite from the album, a beautifully crafted ambient excursion that continuously evolutes in a forever growing climax, 9 minutes of pure pleasure that serve as the perfect end to this record."

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