Track By Track: Morkebla – Ono-Sendai Cyberspace


The sound of Morkebla is mysterious, dark and heavy. Grungey soundscapes litter the tracks on his latest record for the Cologne based record label Baroc. Having released previously for the likes of Slumdiscs and Where To Now? this record is his first offering as a stand alone LP. He talks us through the record below, track by track…


Colour: Cold White.

Season: Fall.

Inspiration: 4 AM – Looking down from the open window of a skyscraper. The different colours of lights and neon signs illuminate the scape – flashing strobes and vapors rise from the cold asphalt at night.

Setting: Hotel room.


Colour: Turquoise. 

Season: Neverending.

Inspiration: Reading William Gibson. A patch is on my skin, it goes under, I feel it moving. It’s flowing in my veins and body, I am no longer one of them – “A transparent cast ran from her knee to a few millimeters below her crotch, the skin beneath the rigid micropore mottled with bruises, the black shading into ugly yellow. Eight derms, each a different size and color, ran in a neat line down her left wrist. An Akai transdermal unit lay beside her, its fine red leads connected to input trodes under the cast. He turned on the tensor beside the Hosaka. The crisp circle of light fell directly on the Flatline's construct. He slotted some ice, connected the construct, and jacked in.”

Setting: Bed.

De-Ghost Metalink

Colour: Light Green 

Season: Springtime.

Inspiration: No time been playing anymore. I am now watching an anime a bit distractedly. I just bought some new gear, a pedal, learning how to use it, it’s a warped vinyl chorus. I plug a synthesizer into it, I start to play. Me and the machine, we are in perfect connection, we are one together, at last.

Setting: My old studio/room.


Colour: Dark Blue.

Season: Winter. Inspiration: Lying down on a stretcher before surgery. Tension, no relax, adrenaline and fear. I am brought on a table, I feel cold and scared. The nurse says something, I am injected with something liquid to be quiet. I smile, I am relaxed now. Everything is comfortable, I don’t remember anything except dark blue, clouds above and below me like pillows. I wake up in my bed, my finger is broken but I do not feel any pain, I smile and laugh, alone.

Setting: Hospital. 

Floor-Melting Smileys

Colour: Black.

Season: Summer. Inspiration: No lights, everything slows down in a second. I can clearly see some faces on the floor, they are made of smoke and dust, they smile at me, while they start to melt.

Setting: Club Dancefloor.

ASFR Lover

Colour: Purple.

Season: Fall.

Inspiration: Synthetic future zone-outs, machines, love, another world, dreaming about futuristic landscapes with a non-human companion.

Setting: A hill made of cyber remains.

The Third Place

Colour: Red.

Season: Summer Inspiration: My key to otherworldly beauty, a never-ending tunnel where everything echoes through, a place where you can finally see lights with no eye-protection, and maybe rest.

Setting: Cliff looking at the seaside. 

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Album Artwork courtesy of Bernhard Heuser. Photography courtesy of Joe Hamilton.