Track By Track: Koett – Thaw


Based in the Russian city of Krasnodar, this is Koett's second album on Atomnation. It's a blend of dream like soundscapes and mystery which weaves it way through eerie beats and deep rumbling drone esque music. He talks us through the album: 

Night Furia

Season: End of autumn

Inspiration: I had a creative crisis that I felt at the time while making this song, and some sort of emptiness and maybe even a mild depression, it seemed to me that I was at an impasse. This track was the turning point. 

Setting: One night I did not sleep well, I tossed from side to side. When I woke up in the middle of the night, my mind played the rhythm that you hear in this track. First it was very dark and sad, but since I love nature, in my head I drew a picture and the freedom in which nomads live and that the freedom in which I live. This song was a turning point, so I decided this should be the first of my album.


A Walk In The Spring Rain

Season: Early summer

Inspiration: Writing this track is inspired on a trip with my friends to the Black Sea, we went with the three of us in the car at the beginning of summer, it was a bit chilly, rain fell. Imagine there are no clouds in the sky, but just rain and the sun at sunset (in Russia called the phenomenon of "blind rain" – when there’s a clear sky, but there’s also rain). In my mind I started playing the melody that you hear in this track. 

Setting: I started to record the track as soon as I returned home from a trip. It would be cool to play this track on your headphones during a walk after the rain on wet soil.


Dogs Attak

Season: Winter

Inspiration: It's simple. One day I invited Pascal to Russia (Applescal). We drove slowly near my house and then out of the bushes our car got attacked by several dogs. It was funny.

Setting: This track was originally called differently. I do not remember the name. But then I decided to rename it to "Dogs Attak" because of this story.


Thaw In Syberia

Season: Winter, spring, summer, autumn

Inspiration: I do not know what inspired me here to be honest. But when I listen to the track right now it sounds like a moment of clarity – the fact that I live in this world right at this time.

Setting: While I wrote this track, I was at home in my studio. It took me exactly 24 hours to finish this piece. A feeling like I’ve been asked to write a remix for the planet earth 🙂 Probably the voice of nature was in my mind.


Slow Run

Season: Autumn

Inspiration: I recently read a book again called "great slow kings" by Roger Zelazny. This story inspired me. He writes about cool touches upon time. Time is life.

Setting: I began recording the track while walking down the street. I recorded the sounds of the surroundings with my mobile phone and when I came home, I decided to add the piano and other instruments. I don’t know why, but I would like to hear this track under water. 


Sub Tropic Evening

Season: Autumn

Inspiration: This track has a association with the house of where my family lives.

Setting: This track took me long to finish, about 3 months. First I wrote a simple melody, it had to be a romantic ambient track, but then I realized that the area where I live doesn’t have an ambient vibe, so I changed it completely. I decided to add a drums, basses, etc. 



Season: Winter

Inspiration: I really like stories and myths, I like ancient history associated with the dawn of civilization, etc. Hyperborea is the mother of all civilizations.

Setting: This track is recorded in the studio after reading books on the mythical Hyperborea. This track took me a year to finish. I would like to hear this song standing in the mountains with views of the sea ice.


Last Night On River

Season: Autumn

Inspiration: Last Night On River is inspired on a dream and in a way of the concept of the word "relationship". Sometimes, it’s hard to explain in words, but that's also the cool thing about music. 

Setting: Also this track took me long to finish – approximately one year. Maybe even more. First it was a straight bit, then more trip hop. Finally, my friend Nikita Dudarenko played on it with the flute and I was able to finish it. In general this track had a lot of versions. Even now I want to remix it again. This track could be a soundtrack of my dreams.


Northern Mood

Season: Winter, summer

Inspiration: Raves inspired me. I imagined a large crowd of people in the winter in an open field, and asking myself “What would be the track you put all these people?” I would put this track on, I guess.

Setting: I don’t remember. Might have been the rave