Track By Track: K-X-P – Iii Part 2


Our favourite Finnish purveyors of ritual techno-rock are BACK. K-X-P's new album has all the krautrock, all the crusty drums, and all the doom laden vocal chanting you could possibly want. They've kindly agreed to break it down for us- and we're not sure where else on the site this week we've been lucky enough to have a band explain that their song is about the "sacrifice of your physical remains to the nature and circle of life." Stream the album in full below, and read their description of the tracks underneath.

K-X-P's live show – somewhere between a metal gig, a rave, and a seance- is something you definitely need to experience. They're playing Brighton's Great Escape festival later this week (on both Thurs May 18th and Fri May 19th), and we'd suggest you do your pineal gland the favour of going to see them. Tickets and more info over here


This was originally Tuomo's groove and after that drummers Anssi and Tomi got their go and the result was bit like Faust's “It's a rainy day sunshine girl” rant.



When you stare at the sun and close your eyes you see all these blinks and flashes of dots and lines and these dots and lines that form when your eyes are closed are the inspiration of this track. Everything is inside. It all happens in your head. Enjoy the ride.


To Believe 

Punk and rock! 
I think you need to bring out the “idiot” from your inner closet if you wanna make a good rock track. For me personally rock is not very intellectual music. It's the shake of a hip that leads to wild and short orgy in the back seat of a Skoda. And I love it just so.


Sub Goblin

This is our homage to Italian Goblin and Wendy Carlos. Epic melancholy chords that loops in a strange way. Anssi Nykänen plays his signature snare rolls.



Maybe the best track I ever wrote. 
This was originally meant to be on the debut album of my BFAM, Thomas Azier, but ended up being too dark or just wrong for his style. I heard the potential, worked five years on it and almost went mad, but in the end finished it and put it out on this record. I guess nobody even noticed the genius of it. 


Air Burial

Classic K-X-P groove. Driving proto metal with synthetic undertones.
Lyrics are about the death of your body and sacrifice of your physical remains to the nature and circle of life. Nothing is wasted. While your spirit is flying high, far away, birds feast on your flesh as last gift you leave on this planet.


Transuranic Heavy Elements

Heavy heavy radiation is what humans leave to this planet after we are gone.
But rest assured, after few hundred thousand years the atoms splits and this spinning ball of endless beauty is free of us for good. Name is from opening “assignment” of Sapphire and Steel TV series.

K-X-P play the Great Escape on 18th and 19th May – catch them at the following times/ venues 

STICKY MIKE’S FROG BAR 10:30pm – 11:00pm (Thursday 19th May 2016)
QUEENS HOTEL 1:30pm – 2:00pm (Friday 20th May 2016)

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