Track By Track: Justin Robertson – Everything Is Turbulence


As we enter the second day of Justin Robertson's guest edit of R$N, we thought we should probably get his thoughts about a few things. His album Everything Is Turbulence was out not too long ago so we decided it was time to ask him to guide us through it one track at a time with regards to colour and season that best represent the sounds on show, the inspiration for the track and the perfect setting for listening to it in. He well and truly delivered…

Telesto Enchantment

Colour – Vermilion, the rays of a distant sun glimpsed between the leaves of a petrified forest, possibly in space.
Season – Late Autumn decaying light that delights with memories of summer, but you need a cardigan.
Inspiration – The influence of astronomy and star gazing.
Setting –  Best listened to in an out of control space probe exciting the solar system with no hope of return, but with a strange, sure and certain feeling that its perfectly wonderful to be in such a spin.

If you want to get into it

Colour –  Robot Silver, the casing of an android driven insane by the gift of a human consciousness.
Season – Unseasonably hot early spring.
Inspiration – Mind-expanding experiments involving old domestic kitchen aids found in a dumpster.
Setting – The living room of a retired sub post master, whose peace has been disturbed my a hastily assembled Flashmob.

Metal Taste

Colour – The lips of an anxious vampire.
Season – A bizarre mix of frosty autumn in a cloak and warm tropical nights in a faded denim cap.
Inspiration – Music from a punky reggae squat party, lyrics channeled from the wizard mind of Lisa Elle.
Setting – One of those little woods you get by the side of canals where people throw all night parties, 7am, in sight of an old gasometer.

Soft Geometry

Colour – Peter Fonda’s pocket.
Season – Sultry reverse Winter.
Inspiration – Cop shows and finger-snapping rumblers.
Setting – Under the broken lamps.

Bajo la luna

Colour – Moonlight illuminating the frenetic dance of a crazed pagan ritual.
Season – Rites of Spring.
Inspiration – Duc De Richleau.
Setting – Outdoor turbo rave with consenting adults.

Sacred Bone

Colour – Ancient desert at dusk.
Season – Endless Summer on the plains.
Inspiration  – Wisened old shaman playing dice carved from the bones of lost travellers who stopped to ask the way and stayed for the remainder of their lives.
Setting – Under the crumbling pier taking in the horizon.

The Magnificent Hand 

Colour – Rainbow of wires.
Season – Another hot season with high humidity.
Inspiration – Home made pedals running on broken batteries whilst your house is attacked by a mad drunk.
Setting – See above.

Joseph’s Kiss

Colour – Clear blue, the colour of revelation.
Season –  Swooning in early autumn.
Inspiration – Mediaval incantations and old tapestries.
Setting – Some kind of hill, with a sparse covering of trees, vigorous breeze preferred  but not essential.

I Am Automatic

Colour – Systematic Diagram yellow.
Season – Regulated perma spring.
Inspiration – The realisation that we are not switches, gears, nodes or diodes.
Setting – The basement of self-correction.

Spirit of the age

Colour – Big Bang Purple.
Season – Galactic summer in a tight space suit.
Inspiration – It's a cover this one, so my love of Robert Calvert.
Setting – Borrow a capsule if you can.

There’s No More Time

Colour – The green of an old motor car.
Season – Nuclear winter, but clearing overnight.
Inspiration – The end of days faced with a jaunty whistle.
Setting –  Reaching the bottom of the lift shaft of an impenetrable underground bunker then realising you left the back door unlocked.

Everything Is Turbulence is out now via Skint Records.