Track By Track: Hatti Vatti – Szum


The evolution of Polish electronics is arguably one of the most interesting spells in recent musical history. The country has amassed a reputation for reimagination and individuality in it's perception of electronic music as a genre and its linear origin. Many of those active within electronic music in the country have a deeply rooted knowledge of Poland's history and thus use it to influence their own sound. 

Hatti Vatti is an underground hero amongst an intricate scene. A musican with fine tact and attention to detail. His latest album "Szum" is due to be released on Friday. It seemed apt to have him talk us through. See below…


Colour: Orange

Season: Spring

Inspiration: The main beat was made on a funny Yamaha DD-8 toy-drum machine, which I think it's a instrument for kids.

Setting: I wanted to use very unnatural machinery rhythms, strange guitar melodies, very thin sample slicing to keep the nervous atmosphere of late 90s / early 00s electronic music with something of a hip-hop vibe.


Colour: Rotten green

Season: Twin Peaks, Season 2

Inspiration: My personal tribute to shoegaze music and records such as ‘EVOL’ by Sonic Youth.

Setting: The track was recorded in Iceland at Árni Grétar / Futuregrapher's flat and E7 Studios in Reykjavík, where I used some old school synths and beat machines.


Colour: Pink

Season: Spring

Inspiration: Amen Break. I see that track as a bridge between my jazz and jungle fascinations.

Setting: This is a track about Warsaw. I think it's my longest ever, as well as the first 4×4 tune I've ever made. I wanted to record an organic track with very open form – to give a space for all themes, phrases, synths and samples. Then, at the end of the track you can hear a sample from a crazy animation called ‘Materia’ from 1962, a short movie about the threat and fear of nuclear weapons.


Colour: Gold

Season: Summer

Inspiration: Krystyna Prońko, Teresa Haremza, SBB

Setting: Together with Noon, we had a chance to play with the legendary SBB (Silesian Blues Band) during a huge stadium concert in Cracow last year. It's more or less the same vibe of a tune we performed with them. The most Polish track, the main loop is taken from Witold Giersz's ‘Gwiazda’ movie.


Colour: Velvet as fuck

Season: No season, you're dead

Inspiration: Polish Radio Experimental Studio, Blade Runner, Dean Blunt.

Setting: It's a composition about death.


Colour: Unknown

Season: Fall

Inspiration: Eleni, Papa Dance and early dubstep / late UK Garage. It could be also called ‘Synthesis, Part 2’.

Setting: Main loop was recorded at studio in my hometown Gdańsk, on instruments owned by Maciej Polak of Pin Park.


Colour: Green

Season: Spring

Inspiration: Phil Spector, Phil Collins' drum break, Ray Manzarek, Robert Brylewski / Armia's ‘Legenda’ LP and the first Vex'd album.

Setting: I think it's the first positive tune I've ever done!


Colour: Brown

Season: Too short to describe

Inspiration: Japanese melodica player Masa Matsuda.

Setting: This interlude is based on a sample of Yamaha GX, an analog polyphonic synthesiser resembling an organ.


Season: Winter

Inspiration: 170 bpm, Jamaican dancehall, Hanna Banaszak, My Bloody Valentine, Warp and some footwork tunes.

Setting: Original version of a tune that was recorded together with my friend René Zieger (a photographer from Berlin, his photo is the cover pic of my ‘Worship Nothing’ LP) as a joke-tune called ‘Pilastor’ / ‘Taxi und Schnaps;, at his flat in Schöneberg.


Colour: Gold

Season: Spring

Inspirtation: UK garage, late 90s R&B, Zdzisława Sośnicka and Stefan Schabenbeck's animation ‘Inwazja’.

Setting: Hihats that are not really hihats; it's a short vocal sample.


Colour: White

Season: Winter

Inspiration: African music, Grouper, Ścianka and Laboratorium

Setting: A sketch of this tune was recorded on a school piano via my iPhone during a free day in a local cultural center in Sisimiut, Greenland. Later, I utilised a lot of sounds from the Roland CR-68 rhythm machine and Nord Stage keys.


Colour: Red

Season: Fall

Inspiration: Chicago footwork, ‘Test Drive 1’ computer game I used to play around 1992, Polish Jazz records.

Setting: It's a canceled version of a regular party tune, from which I removed most of the beats and refilled the space with samples and synths, in a kind of experimental form – deconstruction and recording a tune with hihats and snares but without a kick drum.


Colour: Red

Season: Spring

Inspiration: Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Księżyc, Kwant – TV EDU, ‘Cinemode’ LP by Michał Urbaniak, ‘Kytytsi’ by Svitlana Nianio.

Setting: This track was created for my live performance at Pegaz on National Polish TV, and I liked it so much that I decide to put it on the album. It's another machinery-sounding tune but this time with unique Slavic influences.

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