Track By Track: Gameboyz – Mucho Danger


The three Spanish hombres Xar Lee, Da ́well and The Modernphase have been steadily maturing their take on slo-mo into a more aggressive techno slant. Never forgetting their roots, on this debut album they have dropped in the influences of flamenco alongside their usual raw acido, and work in their sibling synergy in a typically noisy fashion, "the most rowdiest trio of the Iberian peninsula". Here they share the album and the background behind each of the tracks.



We have made words by sounds, and as the title suggests we now introduce ourselves with the main sounds of this piece of work, of our art. It introduces the sounds that Gameboyz works with nowadays. A mixture of styles that you want to award. All the pre-recorded sounds have been arranged in sequence in that willingness.


'Ellas son Satán' ('Women are Satan')

This track goes on without rest, without silence between the introduction of this album and this rough and wicked slow song. Raw synths and crazy arpeggios. Like a possessed woman, we show the characteristic sounds of the famous 101, underpinned with a solid beat and joined in with acoustics drums. From the beginning we knew that this song would be the first track of the album. Although slow, it is pretty aggressive and we thought it would be a great idea use it as an element of surprise. We wanted to show a new facet in Gameboyz’s sound. Pads and synths were extracted from Monomachine.

“Gypsy Drug”

This track uses 'maestoso' rhythms, introducing acoustic Spanish guitar sounds with deep solos and synths, and harmonies brought from Badajoz. In this track we decided to make a gesture to our region. We have the privilege of counting on Javato and Ulises, two well-known artists in Badajoz. A crazy day in the studio with greats memories. Badajoz has a long tradition in gypsy culture and flamenco. Many “cantaores” were born here. Pads and bass are the answer to that flamenco culture. Noise Maker.

“Chamán” (“Shaman”)

This breaks the binary rhythms and the BPMs. Bass to start with, then breaks, dark synths and a special vocal surprise. An elegy to it's deep lyrics and mystical meaning. Old School synths took from a handful of classic VSTs and solos performed in a characteristic improvisation.

“Mucho Danger” (“Pretty Much Danger”)

The fifth song is the song that the album takes it's name from because it represents this LP in the best way. The sentence “Mucho Danger” brings to life three crazy guys that when they are together, danger appears. An acid mixture of TB3, distorted pedals and many overdrive with a repetitive lyrics that warns over and over again “Mucho Power, Mucho Danger” (“Pretty Much Power, Pretty Much Danger”)

“Muerte al Loop” (“Death to Loop”)

WOOH! This keeps going increasing beats, reaching the top of saturation with distorted sounds and and spitted vocals with blood and Jagger…SPUTUM! 8-bit sounds, dirty drums and a crazy structure progress to kill the old topic of Loop. Inspired by the most underground Japanese artists of the scene.

“Interludio” (“Interlude”)

In this moment we change the spirit and we prepare it to get in Gameboyz’s techno world. An aperitif that we leave open, and look foward to developing into a live performance. Everyone of us reconstructed an instrument, a mixture of lush 101, 303 and Monomachine.


Soft synths and piano sounds goes with a solid binary beat. As the track continues, arpeggio synths take place with continuous changes in the structure and beats of guitar, inspired by Kompakt’s Techno sounds in the decade of 2000’s. A surprise halfway through, we go Gameboyz’s style. Our seal of guarantee.

“Nostalgia” (“Melancholia”)

In “Nostalgia” our vision and opinion about the evolution of techno is clear. A track that goes for a different style, including harmony changes and evolving trance into a dark techno. Mental and melancholy. The atmospheres, and sine wave one shots, are the sequences that come from synths like Monomachine, Minimoog, and 303 again. The last of the asp.

“Masón” (“Mason”)

As a bonus track (the last straw, hehe), we leave the imagination to our listeners!. It is a very comfortable style for us. A mixture of dub, drum 'n' bass, glitch and that ethnic accent, that interrupts the aggressive beats that are shown from the very beginning of the track.  Smoke Ganja (weed) is natural as is natural our way of express this track… Masón Machine!

Gameboyz – Mucho Danger is out now on Melomana. Follow them on Facebook.

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