Track By Track: Erik Luebs – Absolute Presence


Sometimes we all just want to free ourselves from the shackles of our physical bodies and bask in all that is spiritual. Just us? Well, we think it's fun anyway and there's no feeling quite like shedding that old skin and exploring all sorts of new experiences. That's not a million miles away from what Erik Luebs has done with his new EP, Absolute Presence. Before Erik tells us what he thinks the colour and season of the release, as well as his inspiration behind it is, he gave us this thorough explanation;

"If you've ever done DMT or read about DMT, you may be aware of the various depths in the brain that one can access under the right chemical conditions. Likewise with LSD. I find these experiences meaningful on occasion as they help me gain insight into who I am on a neurological level. I also believe that they give me a means to understand not just my own life, but my own inevitable death. It is important to accept death and let the fallibility of your existence sink in. I made all this music directly after having a psychedelic experience and prior to my 95 year old grandfather's death. I considered what it was like for him to die, not from an emotional perspective, but from a chemical and physical perspective. Everyday he would lose more and more of his cognitive abilities, and would drift off into some ethereal space where he was seemingly unaware of his own physical existence on this earth. What must that experience be like? That is what I considered when making this release. Please see the below photo taken from my grandfather's bed as he neared death. I considered this photo a lot as I completed the music.“ 

As Erik gave the same answers for each track on the EP, we've condensed them into one short explanation to save you reading the same thing over and over again. Here's how it sounds to him;

Colour: Black.

Season: Cold seasons that require being bundled up.

Inspiration: Psychedelic experience, losing touch with reality.

Setting: 3am on the couch of a friend's apartment.

Absolute Presence is out on 22nd September via Project: Mooncircle.