Track By Track: Dollkraut – Holy Ghost People


This month marked the release of the first record on Jennifer Cardini's newly formed imprint Dischi Autunno. It came in the form of a full length album from Dollkraut titled "Holy Ghost People".

An exotic blend of eastern soundscapes alongside oddball electronic influences has perhaps made it one of the most interesting releases to emerge so far this year. An eccentric take on a genre described as 'Electronic Kraut Wave'. 

We take an exploratory guide through the album below…

Bonnie Said

The song where it all began with. I tried to use just a couple of instruments to create this song, I think because of the less amount of options you give yourself, you can push this creative process to a next level. The idea also was to let the imperfection do it's job and so it began..


This was also a statement against 'clean' sounding music and productions. Almost all of the recorded drums are pretty off but this seemed to work pretty nice with the rest of the song and so I keeped it in. I also tried to drown the vocals by using a lot of spring reverb and so let it have a rhythmic role on this track rather than 'just' vocal parts with a conventional role.


The whole album has a rather more 'listening' function than the first album. I really wanted to do a lot more slower pieces but yet with the same amount of energy using those instruments I also used for the more danceable songs.

Holy Ghost People

With this song I was inspired by a lot of 'spookyness', haunted houses in deep forests, but also somekind of lonelyness in a way. I think all these inspirations helped me building every song on this record.


Again with this song I tried to use as less instruments as possible and yet capture the drama and tension where I was looking for. Also for the guitar at the end I didn't hit chords but just a single string to keep it very open and fragile at the same time. 

Red Girl

This is actually a couple years old. I recorded most parts on old crappy synths which I don't even own anymore. I wanted to push it a bit more into that New Wave corner. That period of DIY, protest songs and anti- apitalism. It's something I can identify myself with and even nowadays, There is a lot to stand up against. If there's mankind there's money, and if there's money there's power and greed.. 


This is kinda the same story as for Oblivian, the 3rd song on the record. With this one I wanted to have a main role for the Farfisa organ. It's such a great organ with all it's 'rawness' and versataile coloured sound. You can really capture a complete musical decade with this instrument.

Have I told You

For this song we recorded some pretty exotic stuff. My bass player also owns a citar and we managed to record in a pretty fine way using a couple of good mic's. The song turned out into a 'lovesong' and I wanted to keep it this way but with a pretty euphoric finale using some choirs from a Mellotron.


This one is the most 'soundtracky' of the album, it tells you a story about strolling around in a desert looking for a oasis the Holy Ghost or just love….

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