Track By Track: Delia Gonzalez – Horse Follows Darkness


Now, for something a little different. Arguably one of the most interesting releases to grace our ears of late comes in the form of the latest Delia Gonzalez LP on DFA Records. Mysterious, abstract and haunting it is an enchanting blend of hypnotic melody and intricate arrangements. The record sees her draw upon a recent return to America following time spent living in Berlin and encapsulates the feeling of isolation not dissimilar from that of foreigners. She reflects on revisionist themes featured in Western films across time and reimagines them through electronics for the present. 

The album follows on from her first album, “In Remembrance”, which first appeared on DFA back in 2015. We caught up with her a she talks us through her latest piece of work. 



"The title of this song was inspired by hour long conversations with Baxton Alexander while recording the record. Baxton (muse, musician, mystic) illuminated me with his newest insights on the mysteries of life. He played piano on the record one day before embarking on his life long journey as a hedge monk; The Hangman."


'The Hangman'

"A release of some aspect of the ego that needs to venture out to invite change."



"This is the dance/rock version of this song. There is a more ambient one roaming out in the ether recorded by Bryce Hackford. Abe Seitfirth guitar playing mystifies on this track; Abe The Emperor."


'The Emperor'

"Represents entering a period of your life where you are taking charge of your destiny; taking action."



"Roulette is the song that comes closest to the epitome of my ideal western soundtrack. Thanks again to Abe and his master skills as producer. Inspired by The Good The Bad and the Ugly, the ultimate test of Strengths."



"Depicted by a maiden opening the jaw of a lion. The pursuit- inner strength. Though the maiden seems innocent and weak and the lion strong, the tables turn with the onset of this card. The maiden transforms into the heroine and commences to gain external strength. This card represents strength in overpowering your lower self."



"Title track. I stole the title from my son. Read on Bruno explains it best:"



"Indicates transition. It is usually seen as a dark card but it actually means the death of something that is absolutely necessary in your life. Represents death of patterns that are no longer needed."



"The improvised techno track. Vesuvius: The Sun. Outcome: The journey. In the end we are only at the beginning."


'The Sun'

"Happiness can only be found through the internal world. Ultimately you become the Emperor yourself."



'The Journey.'

"The traveller begins his adventure by making a sacrifice; waiting to become King. However, as the Strength card symbolizes the crux of the journey, it’s only by overcoming the internal battle that we bring an end to the struggle that the traveler sought to escape. It is only through the passages of the inner world that you are led to happiness."

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