Thunder Picks #027


Happy 2014 Thunder Pickers!


As you undoubtedly noticed (haha!), Thunder Picks took a bit of a break over the Christmas period, mainly to moan about stuff in real life rather than online. But Im back now, so heres more of the same crap as last year, just with a slightly more 2014ish flavour….


Record of the year Tony G Simple Things (Infinite JuJu)


I was going to do a big end of year list of records I liked in the last year but to be honest, by the time we got to the middle of December I was sick of the sight of them everywhere, especially as the eventual outcome has been exactly the same in recent times everyone reckons Todd Terjes big summer one was best. Well, I cant be bothered with the list but what I can tell you is theyre wrong about young Todd, the Pink Skull remix of Tony G is easily the best record Ive heard last year.



Brad P Innervisions (Inner Shift Music)


Brad P (or Peterson as hes known in surname using circles) is one half of 2DeepSoul who made that jaw dropping 10 on Minuendo a year or so ago. The first couple of tracks of the EP are instantly recognisable as Brads work: deep, warm, and all enveloping house music straight from the soul. Then you flip the record over and Take U There provides a change of pace, more downtempo, but possibly the stand-out track on the record, before Whale Cry plunges you into a sub-aquatic aural wonderland. 10/10.



Soulphiction Live Jamz 1 (Philpot)


I was waxing lyrical about how ace Soulphiction is in the last Thunder Picks of 2013, when he released his first record for almost a year, then I turn my back for a few minutes and he puts another one out. This time its on his own label Philpot, with two discofied, erm, live jams. Essential for fans of this sound.



Vester Koza Maslo 03 (Maslo)


This is the latest release from emerging dub house and techno producer, but despite sounding quite Germanic, being mastered at the infamous Dubplates and Mastering its not straight out of Bunker in Berlin – Vester and Maslo are actually the brainchild of a London music college teacher. The spacey A Side pushes my buttons, but fans of more abrasive sounds will enjoy the flip.



Wania present Dritdypt Vol.1 (Wania)


I know hardly an edition of Thunder Picks goes by without a mention of Sotofett, Fett Burger or Sex Tags, so as Im a creature of habit, heres the latest release from Sotofetts other label, Wania. In true Sotfett style, its  collection of quirky electronic music that Im not even sure you could play in club. The standout is the 15 minute long and utterly hypnotic, MANIA 16 (E-Gzr Mellow Mix) by XI.



Hector Hide (Delano Smith Remix) (Tsuba)


Who remembers Hector from Phonica? He was a bit pin-up for the minimal generation and didnt seem to like any records unless they sounded like a dripping tap. Well, guess what? Hes still around and is making music! It probably wont be a huuuuge shock to discover that the two self-produced tracks on this release sound like Get Physical b-sides from the late noughties BUT do not fear, because Delano Smith is here! And his remix of Hectors previous Tsuba release, Hide (which to be fair, wasnt bad at all) is bass heavy, gorgeous, heavy weight house music for very late nights and very early mornings.  For the minimal train-spotters, there is something in there that sounds very much like a Rancho Relaxo sample though!



Dream House Volume 1.4 (Blind Jacks Journey)


Most people I know, including my Thunder Brother, Joseph Apted, got their knickers in a right twist about Gnorks Blorp93 which came out on Dream House Volume 1.2 in 2013, but I simply wasn't feeling it. It was kind of nice but it had a massive funky drummer break in it. In 2013, for crying out loud. Anyway, Gnork and friends are back with a another 4 track instalment of the series, and its great value because all 4 tracks are lush – with the Song of the Siren-esque Artur Beach Miks by Marius Varied and Gnorks own The Unofficial Chords Of Planet Ee being particularly good although he did manage to squeeze another bloody breakbeat in there!



Unknown Artist Your Love Is (white label)


Unsurprisingly given this is a white label release by an unknown artist, I cant tell you a massive amount about this record. It appeared in shops just before Christmas with a red Keith haring stamp on the centre label and is laid back, deep house in the truest sense, utilising an accapella I dont recognise (but Im sure someone will put me straight). Word on the street is that Linkwood has something to do with it. Hopefully theres still a few copies out there, vinyl fiends.



Repress of the Week #1: Jordan CGZ – Cry Baby (Off Minor Records)


This is my Thunder brother, Rick Hopkins pick of 2013, and it is indeed a thing of beauty, dreamlike, almost cinematic. It sold out super sharpish but the re-press hit the shops last week. Juno sold out of that in about an hour, so youll need to move quickly to get one this time round too.



Repress of the Week #2: K-S.H.E. Hobo Train (Skylax)


Whats there to say about this? Its DJ Sprinkles from 2010 and is searing, raw, unadulterated house music. Just buy one, the mans a frikkin genius.



Repress of the Week #3: Genius of Time Same Old Place (Aniara)


My love affair with all things Genius of Time related started when I heard Dan Beaumont play this track, Same Old Place, in the basement of the Dalston Superstore a couple of years ago, whilst warming up for Andrew Weatherall. It starts off pleasantly enough: fairly catchy, slightly dubby, European house – but then it breaks down, a vocal hook grabs you as the beat track echoes into the distance and is replaced by a slowly building piano, suddenly youre covered in goose bumps, the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up, the beats kicks back in and WHOOOOOOSH! I quite like this one and now its been repressed you can buy a copy. Nice video too.



Repress of a Repress of the Week: Slobban Slobban EP (Aniara)


So the story goes that Slobban EP was originally made by a late 90's trio of Jens Johansson, Peter Gustafsson and Carl Magnus Ernstrm in a log cabin (possibly) in the woods of Dalarna, two hours north of Stockholm. It only ever came out as promo in 1999 and was rare as hens teeth, as one might expect given its lineage. The Aniara records crew loved it though and tracked down the original DAT, got it remastered at Schnittstell mastering in Frankfurt so it sounds more punchy for club play and rereleased it in 2011. That pressing then became sought after itself, so the Aniara boys have just repressed it again. This has to be the last time though, right? All three tracks are great and quite different too.



Forthcoming on Feelharmoinc (released: 3rd February)


Were big fans of feelharmonic Records here at Thunder Towers, fantastic house music and absolute constancy in terms of the quality of the labels release. Were also big fans of Aybee, who tore Thunder up in March 2013. Regular readers will know, Im a fan of any non-standard vinyl format, such as 10s. So you can only imagine my excitement when feelhamronics latest release by Duijin and Douglas turned out to be a 10 remixed by Aybee! The remix is rouuuuugh and the original is equally as good but in a smoother vein. Now if theyd only pressed it on clear marbled vinyl and made it play from the inside out



Forthcoming on Contrast Wax (released: 7th February)


Like feelharmonic, Contrast Wax is another small UK label doing things the right way. Great music with previous releases from artists such as Brad Peterson, Ethyl and Flori, and Ernie, the label celebrates reaching the landmark of 5 releases with a special edition all-black (Black Sleeves, Black Centre etc..) 10 (yay!) from BLM, which will be limited to just 100 copies and, as ever, there will be no repress. The Spwn Camping EP is a cracker too. On the first few listens I though the A side was the one but the more menacing B side grows on you quickly and sticks. Pre-orders next week via the label website.


Forthcoming on Apron (released: early February)


Funkievens Apron Records is about to drop its eighth release, from the mysterious St. Julien. If youve checked out Funkinevens radio show on NTS over the last few months you may well have caught tracks from this EP, which essentially sounds like the best Italo record you never heard.




Forthcoming on Golf Channel (release date: dunno)


Theres some new stuff come out on one of our favourite labels, New Yorks Golf Channel Records, home of former Thunder guest DJ Nature and one of the biggest records of 2013, Juju and Jordashs Coffin Train Getaway . We just dont know what it is yet because were not psychic



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