Thunder Picks #017


Thunder Picks reaches the age where it can officially drive.  Let's get behind the wheel.

Autumn certainly seems to be upon us this week but last Sunday, I got to play a few records with two of Thunders favourite DJs in the UK, the Sub Clubs Dom and Harri, in the late, late summer sunshine 7 floors up on the roof terrace of the wonderful South Place Hotel. It was pretty bonkers, the Scottish contingent went for it hammer and tongs, and a large Thunder crew on the dancefloor matched them all the way. Taps were off and everything – check this

Tonight Thunder heads south to play at Giant at The Bussey Building in Peckham. Its sold out though so dont just rock up therell be 900 people with tickets in the queue ahead of you! Last week I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview one of my all-time favourite house producers, Roy Davis Jr, who was lovely, humble and had lots to say. You read about that on this very site. And on the subject of reading stuff on this site, heeeeeeeeres THUNDER PICKS!


Mix of the Week MANPOWER!


Who is Manpower, the mysterious character who has recently been seen lurking in some of the murky corners of club land. I say seen because our mystery man (if he is a man, that is) has yet to be caught DJing anywhere. All that changes this weekend in Glasgow and ahead of his/her/its debut gig, theres seems to be a DJ mix knocking about too. Its an interesting, dare I say enthralling, selection, so I put the feelers out to what the thinking was behind it. After a few days of silence I thought I was getting nowhere but via an intermediary in a Bangkok opium den, who would tell me little more than his name, Susan, I got this reply, "Truthfully? The mix is a just a 1 hour excuse for me to play music by Geinoh Yamashirogumi".



Webster Wraight Ensemble


Ive never heard of this lot before but who cares really, theyve got a new record out with a cracking Pepe Bradock mix. As we all know, Pepe has made some of the best house records in the history of the world ever and he turns in a typically off-kilter effort here, taking the Ensembles vocals and working them to full effect over his own wonktastic production. It sounds slightly out of key but in a good way. Ive got it on repeat.


Jovonn Back To House (Ian Pooley Dub)


Im sure Jovonns made some bad records, I just havent heard them yet. I love him and everything that he does. At the risk of stating the obvious, it sounds a bit 90s, which isnt a bad thing, but now and again a little refresh isnt a bad thing either. Ian Pooley really hits the nail on the head here, respectful to the original but bang up to date. Its going to be in my bag for a bit and apparently its big with Nina too!



From the Vaults: Roy Davis Jr Lost Voyage


At one point during the interview with RDJ, I managed to hit my full sycophantic stride fairly quickly and told that one of his records, Lost Voyage, was the best created since sliced penicillin or something. Most people reading will have been thinking WTF is he on about?, so here it is. Be warned, its no Gabrielle.



Party of the Week: The Idiots Are Winning with Maurice Fulton


Im not going to lie, the boys behind The Idiots Are Winning are mates of Thunder, not only are they top DJs who know how to through a great part, theyre top people too (well, Louis is anyway). Now after a summer hiatus, l interrupted briefly one of their infamous boat parties in Croatia, they back in Londons trendy Dalson with a party that see resident Chris Duckenfield team up with everyones favourite Meekon headed party DJ, Maurice Fulton. Theres a few tickets left so be there or be a geometric figure equal straight sides and four right angles, yall!


Tickets available here