sound of Thunder #061


The main thing on my and our collective minds down at the Thunder HQ (which, if you’re wondering, is like that nuclear attack proof Government nerve centre inside a mountain in the 80s “Ooo, isn’t war pointless and aren’t computers clever” teen flick, Wargames), is tonight’s Thunder rave with Hunee. Pretty much every DJ we’ve had a Thunder is cool but we never really know whether they’re looking forward to it or not really. But this is what Hunee said about tonight, “I feel like I just stumbled out of panorama bar, but yes, I checked, it's true…the weekend is here again. Let's do this. friday, I will play the Thunder party at dance tunnel in London. For this special 4 hour set (in a pretty intimate setting) I will play into all the known and unknown territories – no waveshape shall stay untouched." Yeah, not excited about this at all. Anyway, here are some records.

DJ Bone – It’s All About (White Label)

You gotta love DJ Bone, not only is he a crazily good DJ, he makes fantastic, driving, but full-of-funk, techno.  I think emotion probably sums him up pretty well, I remember reading about him playing an Aaron Carl record shortly after he died, and crying while it spun. He lost his mother recently mother too, which he spoke about a lot online, because she was clearly a major part of his life. So it was great to see him look so happy this week when he got married! We kind of knew this was on the cards because we tried to book him for Thunder, but he’d blocked the month out for his wedding. He’s also got this brilliant new record out too, limited to 150 copies on white label, although that happened with Cultural Variance too and that got a full release.

Cosmjn – Drops (Marcellus Pittmann Remix) (Fragil)

I don’t know too much about Cosmjn, apparently he’s a young Romanian producer, but Michael Joyce, guest Thunder Picker from a few weeks ago, tipped me off about this Marcellus Pittmann remix and I’m glad he did, because it’s a belter. Pretty simple, but those swirly synths, that heavy bassline and the slightly melancholic feel work so well.  The first run sold out in the blink of an eye but it’s back in the shops now. Be quick.

Seaside Houz Boys – Surfing On Ice Cream (Hot Haus Records)

For those that that don't know already, this is one of Legowelt’s aliases, and having put out one previous EP on Crème Organisation,  he’s back with a 4 tracker on DJ Haus’s Hot Haus Records. It pretty standard fare from the jackin’ end of Legowelt’s spectrum of work, but two tracks jump out for me – the title track, with its Casio RZ-1 drums, and the Deepness of X70002, which is Legowelt at his best, despite the abrupt ending. No new ground broken here but if you like this stuff, this is for you.

Binny – Retrospective (Scenery)

Scenery is fast becoming one of those labels you just buy on sight. The latest release from Liverpudlian producer Binny, is no exception. Five tracks of straight up dancefloor badness, with three of polished remixes from Chicago Skyway and Circular Rhythms for good measure. However, the stand out for me, is Binny’s own A Moment In Time. Beautiful, sweeping synths, delicate keys, laid back motor city sensibilities, it’s a track made for sunsets and sunrises and one that I can see getting played for a very long time.

Morgan Louis – EP (White Material)

It’s been over a year since the last White Material release and during that time the question, “Does the substance warrant the hype?” has been asked on more than one occasion. I’m going to reserve judgement on Morgan Louis’s effort because on first listen, it was pretty disappointing, given the previous exciting releases from DJ Richard and Galcher Listwerk.. but maybe it’s a grower? Not sure myself.

Repress of the Week: Urban Tribe – D2000 (Godson Remix) (Rush Hour)

The original of this track was released in 1998 on Mo Wax and then relreased as part of Rick Wilhite’s Vibes album package in 2000, when I think this remix surfaced. What to say about it? Rick Wilhite remixes Carl Craig, Moodymann, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, and Sherard Ingram.  It really is as good as it sounds.

From The Vaults:  Derrick Carter – Where Ya At? (Classic)

The next party for Thunder is actually not for another 3 months, as we take the summer off to go festival crazy. But when we’re back, it’s a biggie, with one of our favourite DJs in the history of the universe, Derrick Carter play a 4 hour freeform set at Thunder’s 4th birthday. Wha-hey! Ahem, anyway, I’ve been playing this record a lot recently and genuinely believe it’s one of the best house records ever made. The lyrics, the meaning, the delivery, the funk! It’s perfect. But I have no idea what version this is on youtube, can anyone help?! 

Mix of the Week: Rob Mathie – Unconscious Therapy

Playing in support at the Derrick Carter party is our good friend and excellent DJ Rob Mathie, who also runs the East London house night Hard Life. Some of you may remember him playing at the ridiculous DJ Sprinkles party last year too. Rob’s just dropped a brilliant new mix too, check it out!

1. Hysterics – Empty [Night Slugs]
2. Genius of Time – Tom Jam [Running Back]
3. OL – Rimms [Meda Fury]
4. DJ Assassin – Face in the Crowd [Cross Section]
5. Omar Santis – At The Shanzai Hotel [Karakul]
6. Mood II Swing – Move Me [Music for Your Ears]
7. Machinehead – SXLND [LuckyMe]
8. Chicago Dancefloor Voodoo – You Ain't Dancin' [Classic]
9. Photon Inc – Give a Little Love ("Tha" Wild Pitch Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
10. Delroy Edwards – Always [Gene's Liquor]
11. Mr Fowlkes – JC [City Boy]
12. Tyson Ballard – Feel Like I Feel (John Daly Remix) [Voyeurhythm]
13. Djaimin & Djaybee – Fever (Zanz Mix) [Suntune]
14. Dajae – Day by Day (Green Velvet Mix) [Cajual]
15. Headcore – In & Out [Versatile] 16. Adesse Versions – Pride [Numbers]
17. B Tracks – Specialize [Supply]
18 X (101) – Untitled [RHD X]

There are still a handful of advance tickets left for tonight’s Thunder with Hunee >>here<< but if you don’t grab one, you can pay on the door too, first come, first served. Doors open at 10pm.