Thunder Picks #047 – 10 From Dj Sprinkles


The July edition of Thunder welcomes DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz, a deep house idol, queer theorist, thought provoker and media manipulator. The American-born, Japan-based producer cut her teeth as a DJ in New York in the 90s, when she also founded Comatonse Recordings in 1993 from which she has since released concept-driven ambient works, and much more besides under a series of aliases. 

Sprinkles critically acclaimed 2009 album 'Midtown 120 Blues', which was given the title of Resident Advisor's album of the year, and has finally been re-released in deluxe form. An electronic music producer with a message, DJ Sprinkles will drop a 4 Hour Set to allow her to play the way she wants to play – and is her longest set in the UK to date, providing lovers of deeply underground house with a lot to get excited about.

Here’s 10 tracks to give you an idea of what he’s about. Actually not the 10 I would have liked to pick but Sprinkles is not a fan of Youtube and her stuff taken down on a regular basis. Still, all 10 tracks are excellent.

Marco Bernardi – Kinsfrar Melode (DJ Sprinkles Deeperama remix)

Thunder Brother, Rick Hopkins, played this at the very first Thunder back in 2011, in the wonderland that was Visions Video Bar. How we would have laughed if you told us we’d be flying Sprinkles in from Japan to play for us less than 3 years later.

June – Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles Lost Dancefloor Remix and Empty Dancefloor Remix)

There are two versions of this record that are equally great. Rick is a sucker for the apache break so the ‘Lost Dancefloor’ versionis RIGHT up his street. Whereas I prefer the ambient meanderings of the ‘Empty Dancefloor; mix, a record that has been played in every warm up set this year. If you buy the ‘Queerifications and Ruins’ version you get more fully blown Robert Owens samples too.

DJ Sprinkles – Sloppy 42nds (Sprinkles' Deeperama)

Classic deephouse produced in way that is unmistakably DJ Sprinkles.

Jorge C – A Little Beat EP (Sprinkles World is Ova Mix)

Rick picked this up in Phonica during one of our infrequent Friday record shopping (and pub frequenting) trips – when that piano kicks in, oh my days!

Corbie – E.Motion (DJ Sprinkles Deeperama Remix)

Another Deeperama remix and deep drama is exactly the way to describe it. Superb.

DJ Sprinkles – Kissing Costs Extra

A lesser known Sprinkles cut but really easy to pick up – a must have for any discerning aficionado of the Sprinkles cult.

DJ Sprinkles – – Grand Central Part I (MCDE Bassline Dub)

Okay, this mix technically isn’t just Sprinkles BUT this is probably the record that swept Terre into the house mainstream. Awesome remix of the excellent original.

The Mole – Lockdown Party (DJ Sprinkles Crossfaderama)

Biggest record of 2013? Maybe. Has just been re-pressed, literally in the last week so get on down to your local record shop.

K-S.H.E – B2B

Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion is a pretty good name for a house act, almost as good as DJ Sprinkles, and this track is better than the name. Driving New York house at its best


K-S.H.E – Hobo Train #1

This record is nuts. Maybe searing is the best way to describe it? It just drives me crazy but quite hard to play because it sounds so much harsher and different than anything you play alongside it. Gonna stick with it though because it’s fantastic.