Thunder Picks #042


I guess I should start this week by saying a big thank you to everyone who made it down to Thunder to hear Keith Worthy play last Friday. It was great party and he’s a truly exceptional DJ, and if you didn’t make it, you should take the next opportunity to check him out. In other news, a couple a records we’ve previously told you about have hit the shops, with the Ilo edit of New Muzik ‘Warp’ widely available this week and the new Philomena release still in Phonica – at the time of writing! Here’s some other stuff that you might like too.

Marcellus Pittman – Do You Like Music (Downbeat)

It might feel a long way off right now but September will be here soon enough and we all know what momentous occasion takes place in September, right? Thunder’s 3rd birthday! This year we’re dispensing with the friends and family approach of previous birthday parties (it’s our third one, so we’ve run out of friends to ask…) and we’ve invited our second of the four 3 Chairs to DJ, Marcellus Pittman, and as if to whet our appetites, this week saw a limited edition release on Downbeat Records from the man himself hit the shops. The unusual thing about this record, when compared to most other contemporary house records, is the tempo, because man, it’s slow. Slow and moody, in fact. But it simply wouldn’t work at a faster pace, so if you hear DJs out there racking up the pitch, go and give them a little dig in the ribs. Oh and be quick if you want a copy too.


Telephones – The Ocean Called EP (Running Back)

Phones, as he’s known to his mum, is another ridiculously named Sex Tags affiliate we’ve covered in this column before when he’s teamed up with DJ Fett Burger and stole the show on their Sex Tags UFO release with the gloriously tropical, ‘Rytmenarkotisk’. Running Back have now released a whole EP of solo material from Norway’s No 1 Alexander Graham Bell fan and what a cracker it is too. The A side features the slightly New York-tinged, ‘Blaff’ which builds throughout before reaching its euphoric climax and falling into slumber for the closing bars, but  the highlight of the release for me is ‘Hot Destinations For A Cooler You’ on the flip. It’s pounding kick is overlaid when shimmering strings and a wonderfully laid back instrumentation that all sounds like it could have come out of an early 90s European label like Low Spirit. It’s music that ushers in the sun and I’m sure will soundtrack much dancing on beaches this summer. It’s also touched by Fett Burger in a way too, because he’s provided the artwork.


Doge #001 (Doge Records)

You will have all been bored to tears by the Doge meme that’s been knocking around the internet for the last year or so. Well now that bloody Doge has a record out! Ok, so it might not actually be Doge himself, it may be a collection of well-known house producers who have teamed up on this anonymous release. Four analogue cuts, all good, and all of which you can check out on the soundcloud link below, but it’s all about ‘Get Up’ with its bubbly acid bass, backward strings, killer cow bell and incessant lyrical refrain.  Dog fans might enjoy the video that accompanies it on YouTube too!


Percussions – KHLHI (Text)

There probably isn’t a great deal of merit in trying to over analyse this one. Percussions is a Kieran Hebden/Four Tet alias and funnily enough the production is quite percussive, with a massive Syreeta sample whacked in for good measure. It’s split opinion on the internet. Kirk Degiorgio hates it, too obvious apparently. Trevor Jackson likes it, and thinks Kirk is grumpy too! All good fun really. And that sums the record too. Not big and clever but very effective. Went down well at Thunder last week too. 


Dorisburg – Trust (Aniara)

The man behind Dorsiburg is Alexander Berg, better known maybe for his work as one half of Genius of Time, and as regular readers will know, we here at Thunder are in full support of Genius of Time. Generally Dorisburg productions are heavier, deeper and later night affairs than the generally more immediate GoT productions. This latest EP doesn’t break that mould either, with the excellent ‘Devotion’ and tracky ‘Mystical Influence’. The title track is probably the most interesting though, with a lengthy string info before the vocal implores you not to break Alexander’s heart, and the beat and echo kicks in. Like pretty much every release on Aniara, essential.


Forthcoming: New Walt J release

Back in Thunder Picks #026 we reported that Detroit underground legend, Walt J, was back in the production saddle and was going to be releasing music again soon. Well here’s the first release. Not sure when it hits the shops but when it does, don’t hang about because there’s only 300 of them and it’s brilliant, especially ‘Horns of Plenty’. Welcome back Walt!


Repress of the Week: Ace and Sandman – Let Your Body Talk (Saber)

This is the Virgo 4 boys under a different name and was one of the most sought-after records on Trax spin off label, Saber. Re-pressed and re-mastered with the original artwork, if you don’t fancy re-mortgaging your house to buy an original, this a great alternative  – although Rush Hour did release it a couple of years ago along with the original mixes of Jamie Principle’s ‘Bad Boy’, which is another alternative still!



Mix of the Week: Dorisburg Live at the Dance Tunnel

Having lauded Alexander Berg’s productions, it’s probably worth mentioning he’s a top-notch DJ too. I played with him and Genius of Time partner, Nils Krogh, at the Dance Tunnel last year and both were fantastic. Last month they came back to play, separately this time and luckily for all of you, Alexander’s set was recorded!

Party of the Week:  Tourist pres: Todd Terje, Last Waltz & more, Sunday 25th May – Warehouse Thirty Four, Newcastle

For the party of this coming Bank Holiday weekend, we turn our eyes north east to the land of coal and call centres (ducks), Newcastle, where Tourist are throwing a Balearic mega rave.  Headlining the bill is the High Priest of Balearia in the Nordic Area, Todd Terje with his all new, live show, which is gonna be Strandbartastic for sure.  And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s support from Trus’me, who’s not just a great DJ but also the brains behind the fabulous Prime Numbers label, along with author, Low Life Legend, Grimsby Town fan and all round smart arse, Bill Brewster, whilst bringing up the rear is the Last Waltz crew, who are responsible for another chapter in Toon club folklore, Dada. With the Tourist residents piling in too, it all augurs well for a fine Bank Holiday weekend of partying.  Tickets are available here and check out this Tood Terje vs Moodymann soundclash to get you in the mood.

Miles "Thunder" Simpson