Thunder Picks #032


Im totally cream crackered this week, so this edition of Thunder Picks is gonna be pretty pithy. There also a bit of a forthcoming vibe to it all as I havent been record shopping yet this week. Yet. But tired and new recordless or not, Im pretty excited that we have finally got Chez Damier over to spin in our sweaty little basement party. Friday 21 March if it isnt already in your diary. And you can get tickets >>here<< 


I keep having to pinch myself. I still cant believe Chez is playing Thunder.


Forthcoming: DJ Nature Let The Children play (Jazzy Sport)


There arent many things in life that get me more excited than a new DJ Nature record, well except maybe a NEW DJ NATURE ALBUM! Following on from 2012 Return of the Savage Milos back with a new offering on Japans Jazzy Sport (contender for record label of the ever). And it does indeed sound a bit jazzier than Savage. Cant wait to buy it.




Forthcoming: 2DeepSoul – Mood Sync EP (Yore)


2Deepsoul have a fairly unique brand of deep house. No, not that sort of deep house, DEEP HOUSE. Or should that be Deep House Not Deep House. Or Deeeeep House. Hmmm, maybe I should stick my own not-trying-to-make-up-new-genres rule. Anyway, this is boss, and its great to have Brad and Rai back on vinyl together again.



Forthcoming: Seven Davis Jnr. Party EP (Apron)


I love Funkineven. I love Apron Records. I love Seven Davis Jnr. Heres all three together and the result is ace. You may well know the first track from Funkinevens NTS radio show.



Forthcoming: Florian Kupfer-This Society (LIES)


Ive got a bit of a love hate relationship with L.I.E.S. Last years release from Florian Kupfer was definitely on the love side, as it was simply one of the best records of the year. This is the follow up. Its rubbish.  Hopefully the other side is better. 



Forthcoming: Various Artists PF05 (Photic Fields)


The last Photic Fields EP contained 4 tracks from former Thunder guest, Lerosa. For the labels fifth release, hes back again with wait for it, 5 others artists on a 6 track EP. They are BNJMN, Aroy Dee, Metropolis, Perseus Traxx and Tr One. Okay, I dont really know who Metropolis are but it isnt the FSOL one. Still, its great EP and every track is decent, good, great or better. 



Repress of the Week: Chez Damier KMS 049 (KMS)


One of the best house records youll ever hear. Back in the shops right now. I still cant believe Chez is playing Thunder.




From the Vaults:  Chuggles I Remember Dance (Prescription)


Chuggles is Chez Damier and Ralph Lawson. This record is the juiciest fruit that partnership bore. I still cant believe Chez is playing Thunder.



Party of the Week: Find Me in the Dark Vs Body Hammer , Corsica, Sat 22 Feb


This Saturday youll find me playing at Corsica Studios along with Parris Mitchell (him from Dance Mania) and Jovonn (him from Goldtone and Emotive) and a load of other ace DJs and music makers, like Palms Trax (him of that really good record last year). Most tickets are gone but theres a few. Get involved Southsiders!


Mix of the Week: Sub Club On Boiler Room


Dom and Harri are quite good at DJing. So are Optimo (but not quite as good). The Sub Club seems like a decent club. Boiler Room went up there and the boys showed them how its done. No standing around posing for the cameras here. Almost as good as when Thunder did it. JOKE!


P.s. Did I mention that I still cant believe Chez is playing Thunder?