Thunder Picks #031


This week we have yet more new records, some records that arent that new but are in the shops again, some records that arent new and arent in the shops again(yet), some records that are so new theyre not in a shops yet, some party news, the Dance Mania competition winner and a mix recorded in a pint of lager. In other news, you can catch me and my Thunder brother playing a Love and Heartbreak set on valentines day (aka Friday aka today) at the South Place Hotel in Liverpool Street and if youre lucky/unlucky enough to be on the Thunder email list, check your inbox, because you can buy tickets for the Chez Damier party in march before anyone else.


Melchior Communications Ltd Pres: The Return Of The Cosmic Kids


I think this might be favourite record so far this year. I bought it for the B-Side, which sounds kind of little bit Prescription meets speed garage with a wiggly electronic noise over top. Actually, that makes it sound a bit crap, when its actually well good. However, the A-side now has me in its thrall. I dont really know how describe it? A bit like a house Jam and Spoon at their best maybe? Clocking in at over 10mins maybe its nu-epic-deep-sunrise-trance-house. Or something. Maybe I should give up on trying to invent new genres




Shan Chord Memories (Running Back)


PUMPER ALERT! Running back boss Gerd Janson has pretty good  taste, as record demonstrates. Four tracks, all head down, peak time thumpers. Only on promo at the moment but readily available in the shops. Only the A side is on youtube (with added annoying shout outs) but the tracks listed as Tools on the flip are just as maximo pumpio too. Belter.




Astral T & Alex Agore – Divided Attention (Astral Love Affair)


Astral T is a London based vocalist who has teamed Alex Agore and Moodymanc on this private press release. The Moodymanc mix is beautifully produced and sounds almost mournful but I think Alex Agores production really compliments the vocals and adds little extra sparkle. It invokes memories of the golden era of US garage and if you were looking for comparisons, think Victor Simonelli at his best, think pre-speed garage Booker T, think Kerri Chandler, think Maydie Myles and youll start to get the idea. Alternatively, you can have a listen and make your own mind up! You might still be able to pick this up in some shops if you're quick but if not, you need to hit the label up direct if you want one of the last few copies out there.  




Forthcoming: DJ Richard WM005 (White Material)


Mega, mega hype about the White Material crew in the last year and DJ Richard in particular. Ive remained unconvinced and turned down the opportunity to buy his last release when it came out because it was a bit too ravey. With the benefit of hindsight, this was a bit daft, not least because I could have sold it and bought a two bedroom house in south London with the proceeds.  However, track B2 on his next release my just sway me, although that said, Galcher Lustwerk is still better and some good news on that front, the first three WM releases are getting repressed soon, so no need to sell a kidney to complete your collection.




Joy Orbison and Boddika More Main/In Here (Sunk Lo)


On the subject of mega hype, sunklofaw is finally in the shops.  The first two releases on Joy Orbisons label were genuinely brilliant, flew out of record shops in no time at all and whipped house heads and post dub-step types into a right froth. Then sunklofree came and to be honest, was a crushing disappointment. So I was quietly hoping that number four got the label back on track. Im sure it will be well received by many but for me, its a bit of a let down. Cold, metallic, polished and maybe a little soul-less, this sounds a bit too much like music made by white blokes with computers.




Repress of the Week (part 1): Tony G- Simple Dreams (Infinite Jju)


Im not going to bang on about this record too much because this is the third time its featured in Thunder Picks, but despite the label promising to only press 99 copies, theyve buckled to the demand for repress and knocked out some white labels. Only available through Rush Hour at present.



Repress of the Week (part 2): Kassem Mosse Workshop 08 (Workshop)


One of the most desirable, collectable and quite frankly, best release on Workshop has been re-pressed. Well I say its been re-pressed, the only place that had that re-press was Hardwax and they sold out within a day, so you might be thinking youve have missed the boat but the guys at Hardwax tell me it will be back in stock one day soon! Keep em peeled.



From the Vaults: Galcher Lustwerk Put On (White Material)


Told you this was better. Bring on the repress.




Party of the Week – CHAPTER 1/ 10.3 with Gene Hunt, Saturday

Just over a year ago, we brought Music Box resident and Ron Hardy protg, Gene Hunt over to London for the first time in years and years to play at our first Thunder at Dance Tunnel. And what a party that proved to be, with Gene smacking the pants out of the night, whilst working his way through a crate of real ale! He even jumped back on for the last record, transforming the hell out of Prince. His energy and enthusiasm was something to behold. If werent there and you feel like you missed out, hes coming back this weekend to play Dan Beaumonts Chapter 10 party at Dance Tunnel this Saturday. No advance tickets, get down early to avoid disappointment.



Mix of the Week: Mark E, Miles Simpson and Rick Hopkins LIVE at Thunder, 31 Jan 2014


The good news for anyone who didnt make the Thunder party with Mark E last Friday, we recorded the whole night. The bad news is we did it on a 25 year old TDK cassette that had already been recorded on a dozen times already. We then stored that tape in a pint of lager for safe keeping. Hence the moody sound quality.




And Finally


The winner of the Dance Mania Hardcore Traxx competition drawn from the magic headphone bag is



Miles Simpson  


So Fraser Fearn, if you're out there and you have twitter you can reach Miles here OR through his email above!