Thunder Picks #026 – Xmas Edition (Sort Of)


Phew, I dont how Ive done it in between singing carols, riding sleighs, roasting my chestnuts and all that other festive stuff I LOVE SO MUCH this time of year, but heres Thunder Picks. Now bring on January, pleeeeeeeeease!


PAY DAY RAVE! First Thunder of 2014 with Mark E


As the memory (and hangovers) of the first ever Thunder Residents party in December, I think everyone at Thunder Mansions is looking forward to the one truly enjoyable thing about Christmas –  putting our feet up, maybe having a mineral water or two, and generally taking it easy. Which is just as well, because 2014 is looking hectic already. Not only have we got some brilliant guests flying into Dalston from places like Chicago and Japan, weve got loads of other stuff lined up like playing at the Electric Elephant and Unknown in Croatia, and at our fav evah UK festival, FARR. But were kicking the year off with a DJ who tore up Unknown festival last year, the one and only Mark E. Hes a proper house music fans house DJ, loves his music, knows music and can really rock a party. So were excited, right?! And its all happening on Friday 31 January, the first day of the year and the traditional day to celebrate end of a months abstinence.  Heres taste of what to expect on Boiler Room.



Soulphiction When Radio Was Boss


Round about this time at the end of last year, Soulphiction (aka Jackmate aka Michel Bauman aka Philpot Records Boys) put out what proved to be one of my favourite tracks of the year Drama Queen.  Hes got knack for turning out records that sound pretty unique, I cant put my finger on what it is about them but they certainly push my buttons. And here we are with in December a year on and hes done it again with When Radio Was Boss, which is, err, boss.



Paranoid London Paris Dub 2


Another massive, massive record from last year was Paranoid Londons Paris Dub 1, a record which sold out in an instant every time it appeared in the shops and despite being repressed a number of times, still goes for 30+ on Discogs. Now, after the slight disappointment of their next release Transmission 5 (it wasnt bad but was no Paris Dub) Paranoid London return with a worthy follow up, the aptly named Paris Dub 2. Bass heavy, with Paris Brightledges vocal twisting and turning, in and out of the undulating acid line, it is one for the heads-down-4am-smoke-machine-crew for sure. First 300 copies on 180gram vinyl now if theyd just repress Eating Glue.



Marcus Cabral Dancing on Manhattan


Label of the year (again, I suppose) L.I.E.S have got a rare compilation double CD out called Music It For Shut Ins. It has some of their best and most accessible tracks of the year on it plus loads of new stuff, so is definitely a decent stocking filler anyone with housey leanings. One of the tracks on the CD that hasnt been released before is this Marcus Cabral effort. Its hypnotic, well bouncy, pretty heavy, has got killer hi-hats (gotta love killer hi-hats)and has found favour with the likes of Ben UFO, who featured it on his recent Essential Mix. If you want the vinyl though, theres a limited sampler 12 knocking about with this on it. Be quick!



Aybee Sounds of the Universe Art + Sound


Aybee was a Thunder guest back in March of this year and is an exceptional DJ. Hes fairly handy in the studio too and made one of the most original house(ish) albums of the year in Worlds. He also is the most recent producer to feature in London record shop, Sounds of the Universes Art + Sound series, which funnily enough, melds music and art in the form of a 12 single this one is housed in a 12" x 24" Tom Howey lithoprint art piece printed on translucent polyester. These records are limited (again, sorry) and super collectable, as anyone who has tried to get hold of Kassem Mosses Staat Aut Gals EP will be able to tell you, but for a reason, because the musical quality control is high and the packaging makes them things of beauty. Available exclusively from SOTU for now.


Available Here

From the Vaults: Walt J Starting Over


Walt J was a minor Detroit techno star in the 1990s and his Walt J Project EP is legendary amongst people who are get a bit of pinger when they see photocopied label artwork with Michigan zip code typed (with a typewriter) on it. So, you can only imagine my excitement when at the Thunder Residents party one of our crew mentioned in passing they were working with him. Thats all I can say because I think its under wraps for the time being. But heres the best track off of that Walt J Project EP whet your appetite. Lets. Start. Over.




Mix of the Week (part 1) – Danny Rampling at the Milk Bar 1992


Rampling might be a bit of a pyramid sales scheme bell-end these days, but still the one of the  biggest influence on me as a DJ, with his energy and refusal to be tied to one style during a time when most DJs were oh so quick to align themselves a single sound. This mix is from the tail end of the golden Rampling era, before he bought into the Glam house scene he helped create in a way that blunted his edge for ever. Its a bit ropey at times but captures what he was about in an aural snapshot of a moment in time that was pretty special to me. Ignore the  tracklist though, its complete bollocks.



Mix of the Week (part 2) Thundercast #006 Lerosa Guest Mix


I seem to be reminiscing a lot about previous Thunder parties this week, but in November of 2012 we ended Thunders stint at the Waiting Room by bringing Lerosa over to play what was arguably the best party we ever did in that venue. One of the reasons we all had such a good time that night was because Leo tore place a new musical backside. So, we thought wed ask him to contribute a mix to our fledgling Thundercast series and boy, has he come up with the goods. Hes been a bit coy about the tracklist, but here it is YES! Another Thunder Picks EXCLUSIVE! The things I do for you lot


Lost Entity – Unknown

The Superior Inferior – Echelon XIII

Leisure Connection – Jungle Dancing

Mombazza Cabazza – B2

Omar S – Tardigrade's

Jody Finch – Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ Acid Instrumental)

Hot Hands Hula – 70th & King Drive

Disco Nihilist – Construction Paper A1

Charles Manier – Bopside

Funkiniven – Beat Crash

Slazenger's People – Britney's Spear

DJ Overdose – Suck Chain

$tinkworx – Kinky Kat

The Outerlimit – Dance In A Daze

The Rhythm Masters – All Right, All Ready

Willie Burns – Frozen Tunnel Shuffle

Stingray313 – NKKK4_2

Zsa Zsa Laboum – Something Scary

MB & MM – Amore Selvaggio



And Finally


Merry Frikkin Christmas!



Miles 'Da Santa Boss' Simpson


Sound of Thunder Group Here – get on it!