Thunder Picks #021


Its Friday and Fridayz Means Beans no, no, I mean Thunder Picks, Friday means Thunder Picks. Anyway, feeling a little short of words this week but here they are. Expect the usual verbosity next week.


Back That Beato Back (Again)


Back in Thunder Picks #10 I was waxing semi-lyrical about young Miami producer Greg Beato and how he was the person not called Funkineven to record on Funkinevens label, Apron. Delroy Edwards has joined that club since but Gregs second release on the label comes out later this month. I think his music is absolutely stunning, check the last few seconds of track 2 and track 3 Hes the future.



Black Country Boy


Last week I was asking what a particular track was on Mark Es FACT mix. Well its come out this week as one of the tracks on his new Black Country Roots EP on Running Back. The track in question is Midland Nights but like his Project E release earlier this year, every track is a winner. Marks fast turning into one of my favourite UK house producers. Seek out this record.


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Unthank You


Unthank is the 10 based offshoot of Lindsay Todds (aka House of Traps) Edinburgh house label of fancy screen printed sleeves fame. Personally, after the consistency of the Firecracker, Ive found the output of this sub-label pretty up and down, although I think Im in a minority, to be honest. The last release, Booshank, was excellent though and this one is even better. It has a remix from DJ Sotofett (and Thunder Picks wouldnt be Thunder Picks without at least one Sex Tags reference) BUT its not the stand-out track on the record, thats Dharma Dharma by the original artist. Best Unthank yet.



Party of the Month 1 Thunder w/ Rick Wilhite, Friday 15 November


You know whats coming here, Thunder is back on Friday 15 November and the final Thunder guest of the year is fairly special one, Rick Wilhite. Hes best known, of course, for his role in Detroit house music super-group, the 3 Chairs, alongside Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman, who recently sold out their party at the 1500 capacity Fire in Vauxhall. This is a rare solo gig and even more unusual is hes not playing in a massive warehouse or something, but a single 200 capacity basement room with a killer sound system. Therere still a few tickets left but be quick if you want one. Details and tix here



Party of the Month 2 Sunk w/ Gifted and Blessed , Saturday 9 November


Gifted and Blessed, or GB as hes known to his friends, has made some of the most interesting, most emotive and deepest electronic music of the last few years on labels like Valentine Connexion, Wild Oats, Eglo and his own Gifted and Blessed imprint. Somewhat amazingly, hes never played Live in London. NEVER. So this is his London Live debut and hes flying in from the US with his synths, drum machines, and FX to play an extended live set which coincides with the recent release his album Within These Machines. Supporting GB will be the SUNK crew of truly-madly, Andy Green and Chris Chippindale, all of whom will be busting their different brand of deepness. Its a intimate affair and promises to be fairly special but its ticket it only



And Finally


Mums are boss. And you only get one. Easy to forget sometimes with all that running around doing stuff that really doesnt matter. So remember to tell yours you love her.


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