The World According To Ripped In Glasgow


As regular readers of these pages will know we were massive fans of Alan Ant's amazing Ripped In Glasgow blog from years past… so much so that when he finally decided to pull it a year back we were beside ourselves. We even interviewed him at its curtain call. Fear not tho as since the blog has become no more the thing called the Ripped In Glasgow facebook group – essentially the new forums of the past few years – has thrived and been a source of all things great and good for these ears. So upon a recent discussion with Mr Ant, we've decided to start presenting you the lucky R$N reader with a weekly digest of all the good stuff from said great group.  
This week, there's Optimo's first outing on Rinse, Diplo remixing the Pixies – sounds horrific I know – Unsound magazine from the 80's, Ivan Smagghe mixes, Dan Avery Phonica Top 10s and Alex Paterson's Top 11!
Feed your ears… feed them.

Haules Baules 22 mix… 
"Sounding good"
Fresh mix with some old and new from Rodion, Scott Fraser, Secret Circuit, Queen Charles, Front 242 and more.

First Optimo outing on Rinse FM. No voice over though. Boo! or Yeah! depending on your preference.

Diplo remixes Pixies, and it works!

Check these early 80s San Francisco mags up for the taking: (click the link)

Dan Avery Phonica Chart…click link

Alex Paterson Top 11

Deffo worth a lug-full!

Ivan Smagghe @ Mondo, Madrid. 07 Feb '13