Sutja’s Metaphysical Circus #8


Once more Mr Gutierrez graces us with his presence here at R$N Towers. Re-adjust your brains just enough so that you're ready to enjoy whatever the day throws at you. Into the circus we go…

Amanaz – “History of Man”

Amanaz is such an amazing band from Kitwe, Zambia. His álbum “Africa” is a complete masterpiece. I highly recommend it.

The Incredible String Band – “First Girl I Loved”

Another stunning song by The Incredible String Band. This is one of my favorite songs from their second studio album The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion.

The Millennium – “5 a.m”

Taken from their album Begin. A garden of delights full of harmonized-pop vocals and magnificent transitions.

Smash – “Glorieta de los Lotos”

Smash is a pioneer band from Spain. Late sixties flamenco-blues-rock-psychedelic-progresive. What a mix, right?

Afterglow – “Chasing Rainbows”

A band from Oregon. That farfisa sound it’s quite unique. It’s a psych fun fair!

McDonald and Giles – “Suite In C”

I’m flying! Eleven minutes of pure freedom and madness. Also, it’s pretty unusual to see musicians with their girlfriends on the front cover of an album. So damn lovely.

Moondog – “Nero’s Expedition”

Moondog, oh! Moondog! The Viking of the 6th Avenue takes us to a beautiful expedition… I wish I had met you. He’s one of the most influential artists for me.

Unknown – 1984/Chinese

I know absolutely nothing about this one but, I really enjoy this song, his voice and all the elements on it. I would appreciate so much if anyone can help me find the name of this band/singer.