Single Trax: Pandreas


Track By Track has been such a  (ahem) popular feature that we've had being literally banging down to the door to add a singles version as the latest quiver to R$N artist description bow. Duly, we've obliged and come up with 'Single Trax' to help these shorter release fit the mould. Kicking off this stunningly original new concept is Pandreas, talking us through his sublime latest single (and B-sides) 'Beluga'. By using the starting points of: Inspiration; Colour; Season and Setting as descriptive points for each of the albums tracks, the aim is to collate a tangible, cohesive description of the EP…


This track was actually finished quite a bit before the two other tracks, and was meant to work as a sort of guideline to how the rest of the EP should end up sounding.

It didn’t really pan out that way, but in terms of mood I think it really sets the tone for how the EP sounds. Somewhat darker and colder than my previous releases with fast, techno beats gradually building towards a acid-techno-like finale. 

If white is passable as a colour, Beluga is certainly a white, perhaps ice-blue track.


The name is sort of a reference to Rube Goldberg, and those types of corny, chain-reacting machines. There are a lot of robotic and machine-like sounds, and the whole idea was to make the track feel really industrial. Sort of like a giant disco machine. Probably the most Norwegian track on the release, heavily influenced by acts like Lindstrøm, Röyksopp and other disco acts.

If I have to give this track a colour I would say navy blue. And it is definitely a winter track.


This ambient track was meant to have its techno counterpart in another track that didn’t make the cut. The idea was using the same samples, but in a different way and with much more techno inspired results. In the end it didn’t really work out, so i decided to just keep the initial track, which relies heavily on samples. I made it during a pretty intense school period, in which i was listening to a lot of ambient music, suitable for reading. 

It was fun returning to sampling, which was something i did alot on my first EP. Ekkehard Ehlers – Plays John Cassavete 2, where he flips a The Beatles sample (i think?) was a big inspiration for this one.  

This, I would say, is the yellow, maybe orange track on the EP, with more of an autumn feel. 

More info on Pandreas here.