Richie Hawtin To Open Chain Of Exclusive Hair Salons


You heard correct! DJ, producer and music technology pioneer Richie Hawtin will enter the hair styling industry next spring with his high-tech salon brand, STYLEdifferently, a play on the name of his DJ mixer brand, PLAYdifferently.

Hawtin is working closely with top hair stylist Trevor Sorbie and music technology developer Ableton. Together they will introduce nanotechnology, high tech, scissor-less cutting and asymmetrical hairstyling to an apparently “limp and anti-stylish industry” says Senior STYLEtechnician, Anttoni Bangs.

Bangs goes on to state that, “Richie’s vision is clear and complex. With Trevor, they are developing something magical that will transcend simply cutting and styling hair. The team we have here is so special, we’ve develop the most advanced hair styling methodology in the world that will enlighten your body and soul and help advance our society as a whole. It's incredible what we're doing. Incredible."

The first STYLEdifferently salon is currently under construction in Hawtin's adopted home of Detroit, Michigan in a 10,000 square foot, split-floored warehouse. It will house the STYLEsalon on the ground floor and a STYLElab on the first floor. This lab includes an augmented reality training academy, a product development zone for the STYLEdifferently product range called MODEL.CTRL., and technology development area where the nanotechnology is to be devised and cultivated and introduced exclusively into the salon.

Hawtin's first and only statement on the project came at the music technology conference Sonar+D 2017, explaining that, “STYLEdifferently isn't just a cut and style methodology providing new creative and technological possibilities to hairdressers and empowering them to STYLEdifferently, it's the future of hair and will change the mood of society through asymmetrical ideas, techniques and laser-cutting”.

The STYLEdifferently salon is expected to open in spring 2018 and will be taking virtual bookings from 1st January.

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