Reine Fiske’s Top 8 Swedish Psych/Prog Tracks


Here's something you probably didn't think you'd be coming across on R$N when you started flicking through our pages. Reine Fiske has played in two of the most exciting psych bands of the last 10 years, he was previously in Dungen and now plays as part of The Amazing who have just released an album entitled 'Picture You'. We got Reine to detail some of his favourite all-time Swedish psych/prog rock tracks to help expand our minds.

'Picture You' by The Amazing is out now via Partisan Records.

T-Boones - I Want You (Freakbeat Punk Mayhem)

Pre-Baby Grandmothers. Probably the first hard-rock recording released in Sweden.

  • T-Boones - I Want You (Freakbeat Punk Mayhem)

    Pre-Baby Grandmothers. Probably the first hard-rock recording released in Sweden.

  • Baby Grandmothers - Being Is More Than Life

    The rarest and something of a holy grail of Swedish underground, this 7” was my first encounter with guitar-wiz Kenny Håkansson´s recordings from the 1960´s. I immediately set out to find a copy and was even more determined to do so when I saw live-footage of them filmed in Finland, were this 7-inch first was released. Upon meeting artist/producer, M.A Numminen in 1994, he later sent me an unplayed copy in the mail, one he found in his summer-house. The footage also made me start a project in finding much of the hidden material from this era in Sweden.

  • Mecki Mark Men - Enlightment

    The late, great Thomas Mera Gartz was something of a muse for me and an important inspiration for many. Being one of the two original drummers in this amazing progressive band, the kind of fusion music they made was totally original and extremely trippy. If they had had a proper manager and some luck they could have really gone somewhere, but the band disbanded and Thomas joined Pärson Sound.

  • Kebnekajse - Resa Mot Okant Mal

    This track, and album, changed my view and perception on what so-called ”hard-rock” can be. Aggressive, melodic and almost with a punk mentality too, this track crushes everything in its path for me.

  • Pärson Sound - Tio Minuter

    This track convinced me to try and get this groups music released and available for the first time and it finally did so with the 2-CD compilation produced together with Subliminal Sounds. One of the most amazing and earliest examples of psychedelia in Sweden.

  • Fylke

    Bo’s music and the musicians he was surrounded with will always be the most central in my musical world.

  • Flasket Brinner-Music Fran Liljevalchs.Wmv

    One of the greatest bands from this era in Sweden. This live-recording captures a lot of their powers and amazing groove with their blend of home-cooked Zappa´esq. free-form jazz/rock jamming.

  • Hawkey Franzen - Gungor Och Sand(Hawkey Franzen)

    A somehow overlooked and very under-rated artist Hawkey was prior to this, his 2nd album, a member of r´n b-mod band Lee Riders. Basically an album about and written for children this LP has an incredible sound and production and has amazing funky and beautiful tracks all over. The great late flute-player/keyboardist/composer Björn J:son wrote most of the songs together with Hawkey.