Rare african music trending in restaurant background music charts.


“Would you like some artisanal tapwater for your table?” “How would you like your steak cooked?” “Rare and G+?”

That last question is never likely to be asked by any restaurant waiting staff, but according to reports emerging from PRS For Music's trend forecasting unit, TrendBase, it's highly likely you'll have been eating to the tune of Letta Mbulu’s 'Nomalizo' in the past year.

Indeed, collectible African music now tops the restaurant background music charts, becoming a mainstay genre at your local gastropub, Jamie’s Italian, as well as leading restaurant groups including The Conran Group, White Star Line and Cuisine Collection.

TrendBase have digested over 14,500 restaurants' playlist data, crunching down on every genre imaginable. Over 85% of restaurants in the ongoing survey included the likes of William Onyeabor, Francis Bebey, and the occasional Buari in their daily playlist. Of these restaurants, BGM Afro accounted for 70% of the top 100 tracks played per week.

A young couple in Norwich caught sharing a romantic Peri-Peri platter at Nando’s was quoted as saying, “I’ve heard the snippets on the Invisible City Editions website, but hearing the full version of Sandy B’s 'Amajovi Jovi' really adds to the spice!”

In a press conference at PRS headquarters in King's Cross, the UK's leading royalties collector, a TrendBase spokesperson and Mr Bongo intern revealed, “The reissues and compilations in our playlist are definitely not the cleanest rips but the stats don’t lie!”

PRS has been working in partnership with the influential culinary classic collective Buena Vista Social Club and german BGM meisters Kruder & Dorfmeister since 2007, and together have consulted closely with several leading independent bodies to enhance their TrendBase data pool over the past decade. Contributors include Craig Charles (DJ and Robot Wars), Elijah Wood (Hobbit) and The Identification of Music Group (Facebook Community). The organisation are even considering a collaboration with the The Identification of Christmas Group (Exclusive Xmas Facebook Community) in the upcoming festive season.

So, the next time you go out for dinner, take a moment to listen to the music that's accompanying your meal as you may be digesting something rarer than the dozen oysters you've just ordered.

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