Political Protest with Qba Janicki & Obsequies


Last month saw the release of Autolysis, a window into the unpredictable stylings of Polish musician and producer Qba Janicki and Belgian artist and Knive alumni Obsequies.

Making its way into the world via Pointless Geometry, the Lodz-based label that specialises in experimental tape releases, the release is the result of improvised studio sessions between the first time collaborators. A detailed digital live sound recording in its earliest form, the pair subsequently tempered these improvisations into an album using analogue processing, amplified percussion motorics and advanced arrangement and production techniques. The result is a world of complex sound structures, each element revealing itself in layers before regenerating into a new anomalous form. 

Following the release, and during a poignant time for protest around the world, both artists select the songs that could soundtrack the rebellion…

Qba Janicki: I chose this topic because it seems like protesting is the only right thing to do right now. Political tensions are very strong globally. Civil war is upon lots of countries. In some of them it has already begun. Politicians act foolish and irresponsibly, marginalising hunger, poverty, intolerance, ecological crisis and many other important issues for financial income. My own country is falling deeper and deeper into a facist regime lead by catholic extremists. That’s why I see no other option, than choosing this topic, because art always takes a very important place in every rebellion.

Obsequies: As protesters are walking down the streets fighting for their dignity as human beings, I’ve chosen a couple of tracks made with a true sense of bravery by artists that I have admiration for.

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Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis

It illustrates the complexity of a riot and pictures the tensions around the globe.

  • Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis

    It illustrates the complexity of a riot and pictures the tensions around the globe.

  • Peter Brötzman - Machine Gun

    Brötzman’s rebellious attitude to improvised music expressed objection for lots of difficult situations over the years.

  • Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - When We Were Young And We Were Freaks

    The lyrics were written by Emliio Cubiero, a homosexual s&m poet. Feels to me like a tribute to people who are seen as “different” who are strongly persecuted right now in Poland and many other countries around the globe.

  • Desire Marea - Studies In Black Trauma (Feat. Gyre)

    The closing track of a wonderful album, ugliness and beauty dancing together under a warm downpour.

  • Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner American Anthem

    Hendrix fuck the national anthem with Larsen and drop-bomb like sounds, iconic.

  • Fela Kuti - Zombie

    Kuti is one of the most fascinating artists ever. I would definitely recommend having a read of his biography and his fight against his corrupt government.