Playlist: Music To Cut Hair To


I’m back.
New name:  ‘About this Place’
New location: ‘Soho’
New playlists: ‘Spotfy’
Still called ‘Music to cut Hair to’

New music, old music and music that means a lot. People have always commented on how good the music was in the salon. So here is a new playlist for the new studio.  I make the playlists to work to, walk to, take me to another place and to escape to.

Running off to run a pub put a brief stop on my personal music playlists but I’m back…and that makes me very happy. Music and hair. Two very essential elements. So the next series of playlists will not only be clients and good friends but new friends I have met on my recent journey they call ‘life’.

Kat Richmond from Walthamstow’s Electronic 17 is next up with a corker.


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