Playlist: Music To Cut Hair To with Jonny Bain


A trip to About This Place hair studios is rarely just purely functional.. Hairdressers can often end up being confidante’s. It’s all about the setting too, so is there more annoying than bad music? it’s unacceptable. Bad music is only an interruption of what we believe the salon atmosphere should be. This why ‘Music to cut hair to’ was created.

Here at the ATP Studios, headed by the Hair Mistress aka Victoria Saunders has perfected that blend. She cuts the hair of half the DJs in London and many of the people in the background of this wonderful industry. The reason they keep coming back, aside from a damn fine cut, is the fact the music is spot on – hence being asked by R$N to compile a feature for them. 

Music To Cut Hair To, a selection of some great music played in the salon alongside some appearances from friends…

“One of the delights about putting together Music to Cut Hair to is the seemingly never ending clients/friends who have great taste in music. My next composer/victim is a very good friend & client. One half of The Sombrero Sound System..please welcome Mr Jonny Bain.

A festival is not complete without a purely joyous moment on the dance floor to these boys. I’ll let him tell you where we met originally, its all true I also want to send him and Olivia the most warmest welcome to their new daughter who appeared mid playlist.  All the feels and welcome to 2021″

1. When were you at your happiest?

10.49am 14th of October 2020 when my daughter was born, and every moment since.  

2. What’s your greatest fear?

Glastonbury won’t survive all this.

3. Who do you admire?

NHS maternity staff  

4. What trait do you deplore in yourself/ other people?

Litter, put it in a bin.  

5. What’s your worst habit?

The odd rolly  

6. Favourite word? 

Rhombus, good name for a daft dog.  

7. Who would you like to say sorry to? 

That bloke I puked on while he was asleep at the final Bestival.  

8. Who do you despise? 

Cats. It’s mutual.  

9. Who or what is the love of your life? 

My new family, the rave and snowboarding. In that order.  

10. What would improve your life?

A haircut.  

11. Worst job you have ever done?

Giving out leaflets really exposed the worst in some people.  

12. What’s your greatest achievement? 

See question 1  

13. What keeps you awake at night?

See question 1 .  

14. How would you like to be remembered?

As surprisingly energetic and virile for someone over 100.  

15. What lessons has life taught you?

Pay attention in class, you learn more.  

16. What would your super power be? 

To remove the seriousness out of someone for long enough to allow them to see for themselves what an awful twat they are being.

17. Favourite smell? 

The croissants from the bakery outside L’avalanche nightclub, Les Deux Alpes at 4am.  

19. Who would play you in a film?

The ghost of Roger Moore  

19. What song would you like played at your funeral?

None. I wouldn’t want to tarnish any tune with a sombre memory for people. The important people will be reminded by some tunes and smile, I hope.  

20. Top tip?

Wash your herbs and salad straight away when you get in from the shop. They are then nice and dry when you want to use them.  

21.Tell us a secret…

The Repair Shop gets me… every… time.  Also… I met my hairdresser watching a thunderstorm at a hilltop rave in Ibiza. We’ve been dear friends ever since.      

Also anything exciting you would like to shout about, radio shows, what you are working on, upcoming gigs, parties. weddings etc etc  

Not much on the horizon but I hope to but at least dancing outside soon if I can’t be djing.