Playlist: Music To Cut Hair To with Felix


A trip to the hair salon is rarely just purely functional. When in the right setting, it becomes a shared and social experience. Hairdressers behave like friends and counsellors. The salon is a place for relaxation, self-reflection and a good ol' conversation.

Therefore, there is nothing more annoying than bad music. OK, the stylist can be forgiven if they have as much personality as a wet blanket, so long as the haircut is to a certain standard, but if I hear them banging an EDM number or the latest pop drivel, it’s just unacceptable. Not only is it an interruption of what we believe the salon atmosphere should be but when you are working up to 12 hours on your feet, do you want to be listening to rubbish? No thank you.

Here at the About This Place, a salon headed by the Hair Mistress, Victoria Saunders has perfected that blend. She cuts the hair of half the DJs in London and apparently the reason they keep coming back, aside from a damn fine haircut and our ability to talk bollocks professionally, is the fact the music is spot on – hence being asked by R$N to compile a fortnightly feature for them. Music To Cut Hair To, a selection of some great music played in the salon alongside some appearances from friends…

"A new playlist to kick off a new decade and what better than someone with young fresh blood to get the ball rolling! I’d like to welcome Felix. I met him due to him being a client in my studio with one of the other stylists. He made a comment about the music so I asked him to do me a playlist. I have to admit that someone with great music taste and also the energy to be putting on his own night has certainly warmed me to the lad. Young he maybe but his thirst for great music and the charisma I got from his presence, I predict great things are heading his way. Thank you Felix for setting the tone for 2020.”

1.When were you at your happiest?

The summer I finished Uni. 23

2. What’s your greatest fear?

Fear itself! Not having the courage to make the things I want to make 

3. Who do you admire?

Me mum. Made 6 theatre productions this year

4. What trait do you deplore in yourself/ other people?

People talking about themselves and not asking questions (so I make a big effort not to do that…I’ve already said too much)

5. What’s your worst habit?

I’m a day-dream believer

6. Favourite word? 


7. Who would you like to say sorry to? 

An old friend called George.

8. Who do you despise? 

Don’t think I’ve despised anyone I’ve actually met. Boris

9. Who or what is the love of your life? 

Not sure about that one at the moment. But always family: Mum, Dad, 2 Stepdads, Step Mum and all 5 sisters.

10. What would improve your life?

More questionnaires! And creativity

11. Worst job you have ever done?

Chugging – street fundraising

12. What’s your greatest achievement? 

That is yet to come.

13. What keeps you awake at night?

Regrets (and tinnitus)

14. How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who listened

15. What lessons has life taught you?

Hoping to be taught a lot more! Put your all into your work – and try to love it. 

16. What would your super power be?

Time travelling 

17. Favourite smell?

Garlic frying

19. Who would play you in a film?

Peter Pan

20. What song would you like played at your funeral?

I’d Rather Dance With You – Kings of Convenience

21. Top tip?

Don’t stop the dancing.

Also anything exciting you would like to shout about, upcoming gigs, parties. weddings etc.

World Unknown on the 6th March with Andy Blake and Cal Swingler (Venue TBA) Have a listen to the recent live recording from Andy on Crack Magazine  Watch out for the Marbles label launch…and the next party in April TBC.