Playlist: Music To Cut Hair To with Damian Harris


A trip to About This Place hair studios is rarely just purely functional.. Hairdressers can often end up being confidante’s. It’s all about the setting too, so is there more annoying than bad music? it’s unacceptable. Bad music is only an interruption of what we believe the salon atmosphere should be. This why ‘Music to cut hair to’ was created.

Here at the ATP Studios, headed by the Hair Mistress aka Victoria Saunders has perfected that blend. She cuts the hair of half the DJs in London and many of the people in the background of this wonderful industry. The reason they keep coming back, aside from a damn fine cut, is the fact the music is spot on – hence being asked by R$N to compile a feature for them. 

Music To Cut Hair To, a selection of some great music played in the salon alongside some appearances from friends…

“This months playlist has been bought to you by the very wonderful Damian Harris aka The Midfield General. Well wow wee am I a bit chuffed?! One of the many joys of Lockdown was being able to fully immerse myself in music. I listened to shit loads but Mr Harris kept coming up trumps with his selections. He went straight to the top of my want list. I know 100% we are from the same rave generation by his selections and his ear for new music. That Balearic spirit never dies even when listening to techno.

Damian has had a wonderful career in music which I’m sure needs no introduction from me…but first and foremost a person I count as a good friend and a jolly good rave partner. I salute you sir.”

1. When were you at your happiest?

My Foundation year at Canterbury Art College. My Mum had passed away the year before so the worse thing I could ever imagine had just happened… I felt fearless and full of hope & optimism.

2. What’s your greatest fear?


3. Who do you admire?

People who help others.

4. What trait do you deplore in other people?


5. What’s your worst habit?


6. Favourite word?


7. Who would you like to say sorry to?

People I owe an email…

8. Who do you despise?

Rupert Murdoch

9. Who or what is the love of your life?

My family… but I would never tell them that.

10. What would improve your life?

Being able to finish things.

11. Worst job you have ever done?

Opening Oysters in WhitstableHarbour

12. What’s your greatest achievement?

Skint Records & The Sportsman

13. What keeps you awake at night?

Diet Coke. .

14. How would you like to be remembered?

A nice chap.

15. What lessons has life taught you?

It’s not all about you.

16. Favourite smell?

Roast chicken..

17. What song would you like played at your funeral?

Reach Out…

18.Tell us a secret…

After a long hiatus I’m back at the helm of Skint Records – LP’s by Roisin Murphy, Lou Hayter & Museum of Love have been keeping me busy.
 I have a regular Radio Show on in Brighton and irregular appearances on Amateurism Radio – which can be found here. I’m also a regular guest on The Tuesday Club – a podcast about Arsenal.