Playlist: Music To Cut Hair To With Bishi


This weeks playlist is by the unstoppable Bishi.

We only met a few years ago but I think is one of those lucky meetings that just keeps getting better and better.

Bishi is an inspiration to me. Musician, songwriter, artist, audio visual performer, DJ, curator and boss of WITiCH….and all round hotstuff. Bishi will be performing at the 'What is England' festival at the Old Church in Stoke Newington on 20/21 April 2018. She is also supporting Wolfgang Flur, ex-Kraftwerk, on May 11th at the 100 club. This will coincide with the release of her new EP, The Winds of Fate, that she co-produced which is set for release on the 10th of May. Bishi also played the Sitar on the new album by Daphne & The Golden Chord (Daphne Guinness!) and if that’s not enough she’s a guest of Amy Lame on 6 Music this Sunday. 

When were you at your happiest?

Making Music or Making Love.

What’s your greatest fear?

I have a debilitating perfectionist streak! I’m good at freaking out at nothing. 

Who do you admire?

My Parents, My Friends, Laurie Anderson & Carmen Herrera – the Cuban-American artist aged 102, who sold her first panting at 89. The motto here is to not give up.

What trait do you deplore in yourself/ other people?

Arrogance or false pride.

What’s your worst habit?

Being too self critical.

Favourite word? 


Who would you like to say sorry to?

No one – I avoid falling out with people & seek to make peace over misunderstandings. A few men out there, could apologise to me, however! 

Who do you despise?

Hypocrites & those who use ideology to kill innocent people. 

Who or what is the love of your life?

Music & my father.

What would improve your life?

A bit of help. It’s tough running the show on your own.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Being Prolific, creative, independent & full of love.

What keeps you awake at night?

Anxiety. Fear of The Future. Or a scary film!

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