Palms Trax Presents Jay’s Cheese Of The Day – Day 4: Casu Marzu


It's day four of Young Marco's grand takeover and things are going swimmingly at Ransom Note hq, what a week so far eh? We've had fake news, hand dryers, funny pranks. Who said we weren't professional? Ah well, we can't all have Bjork on our front cover now CAN WE?! We aren't bitter… promise. 

Anyway, back to the cheese. Jay aka Palms Trax has been picking some of his favourites this week based upon his wide ranging knowledge on the yellow smelly stuff. He knows a thing or two guys. Over to him!

'The weekend is nearly upon us, and having already brought out the big nuns it’s time to roll out the big guns. This Sardinian delicacy literally translates as ‘rotten cheese,’ and starts life as a humble Pecorino before being left outside to attract flies that’ll lay their eggs in it. These then hatch, and through a process I’m not entirely familiar with, the maggots make the cheese decompose rather than ferment, giving it an unparalleled tanginess. I know what you’re thinking, and yes I have tried this! I was at an in-store with Sadar Bahar and as a treat the proprietors had laid out a little spread in the back room. I thought I’d dart in and grab a cheeky bite, but unfortunately it’s so pungent that upon emerging from the office I had the eyes of the whole shop on me. Speaking of which, it’s advised you wear glasses as you eat since the maggots are known to jump up to six inches high and have a knack for aiming straight into your eyeballs.’


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