Palms Trax Presents Jay’s Cheese Of The Day – Day 2: Abbey Regina Laudis’ Bethlehem Cheese


So, yesterday Jay (aka RA Top 100 DJ, Palms Trax) taught us all about cheddar. Fascinating stuff for a Monday, really. As we explained yesterday Jay is a bit of a connoisseur of the smelly stuff. He worked in a local cheesemonger for many a year before he decided to become a jet setting DJ. Music isn't the be all and end all guys, preliminary plans are good. Cheese is good and Jay is good. Anyway, this was all Marco's idea so let's get smelly…

‘It’s Tuesday, the week is already dragging and you’re in desperate need of some excitement. Well, what’s more exciting than a Benedictine nun with a doctorate in microbiology? After falling in love with a cow named Sheila, Mother Marcellino embarked on a pilgrimage for higher education, settling on the noble art of cheese ripening. Said to start her days off by strolling into the field and squirting frothy udder milk straight into her coffee, a ‘cowpaccino’ if you will, Noella is the subject of her own documentary ‘The Cheese Nun.’ Supposedly unhappy with the title, she only agreed to it after a friend advised her that cheese would sound more appealing than fungi. Anyway, the St. Nectaire-inspired goodness that she helps produce is available to purchase from her abbey's shop in the world famous Christian pilgrimage destination of Bethlehem, Connecticut. Wash down with something sweet from Sha Na Na, the band founded by her brother John "Jocko” Marcellino, a drummer so steady he makes Ringo Starr seem like Buddy Rich.’ 

This is a real thing, visit the cheesy Nun's website HERE

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