Over The Counter #18: Crevette Records


In this series we ask some of our favourite shops from around the world to tell us about the records passing through their premises at present. We head back to Brussels and to Crevette Records, a special shop which has become a hub of sorts for the local music community who might never otherwise cross paths. The spectrum is broad, the vibe familiar and friendly. The shop has been open since 2016 and has become regarded as a reputable outlet for cutting edge electronic music and beyond – these guys dig deep…

"Crevette opened it's doors about two years ago and ever since we try to give everyone who visits a diverse insight into the electronic music scene. We have a regular supply of more exclusive, hard to find gems but keep the second hand crates filled with cheap, yet well selected music too. A wide selection of both new and second hand records, ranging from weirdo spaced out electronica to ’90s driving Detroit techno, but also soothing disco vibes and early proto house will give every digger a chance to find music to their likings."

Weird Dust – Tribes 1.1. [Crevette Records]

Release number 3 on Crevette’s inhouse label is one from Weird Dust, a friend of the shop who likes to get freaky with synthesizers and cheap drum computers. ‘Tribes’ is the first one of a trilogy and gestures at something alien, like going to the jungle, but on another planet. These six grooves are slow burners as we like them, but some adventurous people like to play these at 45rpm. Get the record and try it out…

Pacific Trance – Pacifiki [Diki Records]

We recently got our hands on a BIG collection from one of Belgium’s prominent DJ’s in the 90s, the era when rave and trance were moving the dance floors more than any other genre.

Pedro Ramon – Te Quiero [Network] 

The Italian mafia knows how to play the keys!

David Morley – Boundary Travels [Futurepast] 

No one sculpts volts & frequencies into a story quite like David Morley, and we are more than happy to see this one on the Belgian Futurepast label. Three dark, intricate, captivating tracks, each showing the masterful control David has over his machines.

Emanuel K Rahim & The Kahliqs [Cobblestone]

Stumbled on a crazy Jazz and Afro collection a while ago. We were the lucky ones to pass on a lifetime collection to our customers and give them a second life. It doesn’t always have to be electronic music, this can be very refreshing too! 

Blitzegga – Bjorn Eriksson's Highlight Reel [Dim Din Records]

Shop classic. Antwerp-based Blitzzega released this on his own independent label Dim Din Records. This is the kind of record we put on to start the day at the shop. 

DJ Booth – Basic Moves 10 [Basic Moves] 

Basic Moves, run by Walrus, our personal 2nd hand curator, and Islas who provides the artwork, must be one of our favorite labels. They strike again with their 10th release by DJ.Booth aka OCB who also took care of Basic Moves number 04. This record takes you on a journey across different genres and definitely keeps it funky.

Colonel Abrams – How Soon We Forget [MCA Records]

80’s disco/proto house track just how we like it, cheesy and cheap. Especially the South African feel to this track got us grooving in the shop.

Tripix – Gate-X [Bonzai Records] 

Trippy acidic Techno tucked away on the B2 and quite different from the epic Trance cuts that Bonzai Records is famed for! 

Gary Clail & On-U Sound System – Escape [RCA Records] 

Early house by Adrian Sherwood with a good summer vibe to it. It even has a certain cinematic character in the way it tells its story.

S.Moreira – It All Comes Back [Slow Life] 

The Slow Life crew doesn’t need a big introduction, both their DJ showcases and label output just keep on getting better. They passed by earlier this month and we can definitely say they are very dedicated diggers. S. Moreira took care of the newest 2xLP, which sounds like the precise sample magic which we know from Dego, Photek and Optical.

Ide & Michele – Twistin' Vibes [Global Cuts] 

Global Cuts is a sublabel of the famous R&S records and was run by Sven Van Hees. This versatile release features four very different tracks, ranging from breakbeat to downtempo, and then there is this house track. No snippets up till now, but this one we’ll gladly share for the occasion. Track: Kit-A-Cut (no audio)

Jack Smooth – Waveforms [Sound Entity Records] 

First release on Jack Smooth’s Sound Entity label from 1991. A great mix between Acid Techno and UK Hardcore, something for a peak time moment on a sweaty rave. Organic acid basslines so organic you can almost touch them. 

Dunal – Chronicles 1 [Wémè Records]

Another alias of Norwegian wizard EOD / CN, delivering a double pack of truly unique sounds blending IDM rhythms with tropical/world music influences.

Takenoko – Trans Amor Express [Jupiter Records] 

Take a ride on the Trans Amor Express, gently moving along to this Balearic soundtrack, which will bring you to a place where BPM’s are taking it slow. This is what we would call tropical body music.

Ian O'Brien – Euclidian Walks [4th Wave] 

Jazzy UK breakbeat techno!

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