Over The Counter #15: SideOne


This series asks some of our favourite shops from around the world to tell us about the records passing through their premises at present. There's no disputing that SideOne in Warsaw is the number one destination for all your record needs and wants. The small shop, nestled in the corner of a backyard along Chmielna, is run by Wojtek Żdanuk aka DJ WWW with the help of Jakub Ambroziak, and has been supplying DJs, both local and visiting, with quality selections since 2005. Although SideOne has become a creative hub within Warsaw, many across the pond still aren't au fait with this gem of a store, so we caught up with the team to find out which records are getting their customers hot under the collar…

"Running an independent company in the times of no-prisoners-taking corporate consumerism might be a Sisyphean labor, but somehow our little shop manages to support the local underground scene and feed all those craving headz with new releases. Here is a brief selection of what you can find now at SideOne, together with some text so you can learn something about us."

Earth Trax & Poly Chain – Pulses [Into The Light] ​

Both Bartosz Kruczyński (Earth Trax) and Sasha Zakrevska (Poly Chain) are deeply rooted in the Warsaw underground scene and they come to our shop for their vinyl digging. This record is filled up with moody sequences from outer space and dark ambient pads that will send chills down your spine. Soon to be released on Into The Light with pre-order available on our site.

Carlo Maria – Doppio [Brutaż] 

The newest release on the infamous Warsaw-based label and club night Brutaż yet again challenges the listener. This time Carlo Maria goes really low with his dub driven rhythms and melodies. Try going there with him, but be warned – you might not come back up. Brutaż is set two release two more EPs this year and as always they will be sold and heavily recommended by our shop.

Mariah – Utakata No Hibi [Palto Flats] 

Explorations of the sounds of oriental cultures is one of the main things that defines our store. There is no better place in Poland than SideOne to get such beautiful represses of timeless classics from the East. Utakata No Hibi is just a perfect example of how we deal with the endless urges to discover that our customers present.

Crash – Kakadu (Lost Tapes: 1977-1978) [Sound By Sound]

Poland in the 70s was still under communist rule and jazz was considered "western", so the artists had to operate underground and release their music by themselves. This gem was originally realesed on cassette and waited 40 years for its rise to glory. There is a strong will from our customers to discover Polish sounds from these difficult times and the success this record had proves it too well.

Üdytü Ützeltürk / His Male Harem / Boris Dlugosch – Kairo / Kozak2000 [Running Back]

There is no limitation to one genre at our shop. DJs with different backgrounds and style preferences gather here to buy whatever fits them best. One of the top sales this week was this EP on Running Back; a dancefloor-ready stomper for those with a true love for dirty house music.

S.M. / Various Artists – Danzas Electricas Vol. II [Macadam Mambo]

Macadam Mambo strikes again with this breathtaking compilation of obscure tracks from Eva Gesit, Wosto, S.M. and more. If there is something we like more than masterful compilations it would be music challenging enough to make some of our ill-prepared customers frown and wonder "what the hell did I just listen to?"

Olivia – Skawa [K-Hole Trax]

We might be a vinyl oriented record shop, but there always was, and there always will be space for other media such as cassettes. Here is a debut release from our friend and customer Olivia, on a label based in Wrocław called K-Hole Trax. Olivia is without a doubt one of the best Polish DJs and we eagerly wait for her new material.

Nocturnal Emissions – Spiritflesh [Mannequin]

When the day is at an end and the last customers come to pick up their orders the store starts emitting gloomy sounds that represent all the hardships a non-conformist underground organisation has to go through to survive in the corporate world. But hey, who said it was going to be easy?

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