Over The Counter # 14 Chez Emile Records


This series asks some of our favourite shops from around the world to tell us about the records passing through their premises at present. Chez Emile is a record shop based in Lyon, France. Since 2013 it has been pushing music from local labels, introducing sounds from the past to new collectors and acting as a social hub for the Electronic music community in the city. You are as likely to find a forgotten disco gem in a dusty crate as you are the latest cutting edge in dancefloor luxury. Lyon, as a city, plays a prominent role in the creation of a wider dance music presence throughout France, Chez Emile is a gateway. Following the opening of their brand new and imrpoved store we caught up with the team to talk about the records which are pulsating through the shop speakers and across Lyon as a whole…

"Here is a playlist of a some of the records we love in our store. Through this playlist we would like to show, how Lyon City Sounds and believe us Lyon is burning."

The Pilotwings – Le RSA

The Piltowings release their album debut on BFDM. After two EP's on the their home label and a mini LP on Macadam Mambo, Louis and Guillaume dig further into their 80s balearic infused signature sound and take us on a sensuous journey to happiness.

Sentiments – Drivin Thru

Sentiments release his first ever ep on Groovedege records, the one and only record store from « Les Pentes ». Sentimens say thanks to the world throught a beautful melodic house ep.

J-Zbel – Diablo Verde  (Live at Bordeaux)

The 3 crazy guy who « wear bandana's and use pictures of black people for their releaseeuuhhh. », provide a powerfull / techno / jungle / acid / breabeat track for their second EP on BFDM.

Voilaaa – Jungle Fire

Pursuing their explorations in the vast corridors of international Funk and Disco music, Favorite Recordings and Bruno « Patchworks » Hovart present us Voilaaa. Following a first 2 tracks single acclaimed this summer and clearly revealing the Afro-Disco inspiration of this new experience, here comes Voilaaa’s first album, titled On te l’avait dit.

Palma – Frag

Palma is VFR + NOMA + RAJ, jamming for hours on their machine in a basment of Lyon. With their second ep, Palma confirm their very typical sound. A melodic, dubby techno, long stabs, heavy rythmics, full ride.

UVB – Dwarf

Ethyène – Sounds From The Streets EP

Through this 4th release, Moonrise Hill Material provides one of its co-founders, Ethyène, with an opportunity to deliver an EP carved around his fascination with groove, sampling and skyscrapers. Always mindful of bringing together his love for the bumpiness of Street-Life Music and the absolute sensitivity of Black Music, this maxi allows the producer to confront the listener with his realities, between new territories exploration and eternal urban nostalgia.

Macadam Mambo’s co-runner, Guillaume Des Bois, comes back with a new EP by his own. Including 4 stunning cuts and 2 intros in between long up-building disco-wave, dark euro-disco, epic violins and trumpets, or cheesy love cheese. This record is a weapon for every situation during the night, may you spin the warm-up, pick time or finishing the night by “having group sex on ecstasy”.

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