Over The Counter #12: Norman Records – March ’16


This series asks some of our favourite shops from around the world to tell us about the records which are doing it for them right now. This edition comes from Leeds. Norman Records was born in 1995 when Phil set up the business in the attic of his terraced house. Initially selling via ads in Record Collector magazine, by 1997 Phil was employing extra members of staff to deal with the volume of parcels that were being carted off to the local post office. Now situated in a brutalist 60s council building in Holbeck, and officially open to the public ("A bit like an Argos for vinyl lovers"), Phil and his team have always been known for their passionate and idiosyncratic opinions. Richard from Norman Records has collated their current tastes:

March is here and the sun has started shining through our massive windows bringing a ray of light and warmth into our concrete grey existence on an industrial estate in Leeds best known for its constant drizzle. 

Here are a few of the records which have been enlightening our lives in the last few weeks. 

The Tapes ‘Selected Works 1982-1992’ 

Invaluable collection of Italian post industrial music collected together by the Not Waving guy. It mixes up everything from cold-wave, proto-techno, tape collage, primitive and crude electro giving a  welcome insight into the work of this obscure duo and also the 80’s Italian DIY cassette culture. 

Sarah Neufeld ‘The Ridge’

Along with Colin Stetson, one half of the team that were awarded our coveted Album of the Year 2015, Arcade Fire fiddler Sarah Neufeld has unleashed a solo work of violin dramas reaching astonishing peaks on the seven minute title track. Never short of thrilling, the album documents some of this year’s most gorgeous music.

Gimmer Nicholson ‘Christopher Idyllis’ 

Recorded in 1968 in the same studio in Memphis and with the same producer as those legendary Big Star albums, this is another one of Lights in the Attic’s marvellous finds. The chiming, bright guitars are strangely reminiscent of Big Star but the compositions owe more to John Fahey’s pastoral pieces. Also reveals an early use of looped guitar patterns.

Eagle/Deer ‘The Summer of Sepia’ 

Every week we find records that are somehow, inexcusably ignored by the more mainstream music presses. This slab of marvellous vinyl snuck out on Blast First Petite last month and showcases a dusty, aching twilit psych soul sung by a Kate Bush who has been left out in the sun too long.

Decimus ‘Decimus 7’ 

We’re not all about the soft sounds so let’s listen to something ear-challenging from former No-Neck Blues Band guitarist and synth player Pat Murano. Imagine you’re telepathically receiving a sonic transmission from the future played by The Magic Band and Sun Ra’s Arkestra reincarnated as droids. Decimus 7 will leave you wondering where you left your head. 

For full details and pre-orders on the above and more visit Norman Records or look HERE.