“Open Letter” (Metaphysical) Circus Day


Hello everybody, today’s (metaphysical) circus day and I truly want to celebrate with you. And by celebrate I mean CELEBRATE. Celebrating life, positivism and humanity.

I would like, first of all, to be clear with this sentence: with this letter I am not supporting (at all) any kind of circus art that contains caged animals. Those animals are suffering and they should be free like you and me. That’s a simple fact and it’s not negotiable. Understand?

This post is not about music, but about life and human comprehension. To me, everyday is a metaphysical adventure and a kind of circus in a way.
Just look around you. Look what we’ve become. We are constantly trying to destroy ourselves with our own silly experiments, stupid ideas and never
having enough with our avarice.

The more I see around me the less I understand. I don’t know anymore… what’s the name of the game we’re playing? Please, listen: stop it and start
playing your own game. Start walking your own way. Having your own ideals, opinions and concepts it’s truly inspiring for yourself. It keeps you alive and i’m sure you will appreciate it in the future. I know that i’m not telling you anything new but sometimes it’s nice to refresh, back up/save and share wisdom with each other.

They want us to think stupid and simple so, that way it’s easier for them to manipulate us while we’re distracted. Stop for a moment what you’re doing
and ask yourself a few questions: “Am I free?”, “Is this what I really want to do the rest of my (precious and unique) life?”, “Can I change it?”, “Can I inspire other people to think/act positively?”.

Not everything is going to be easy but I believe there’s light and hope in ourselves.

Keep on rising, living and enjoying life. As much as you can.

See you in the streets and smile me back. Wink.