Missed, Skipped And Flipped #6


Single Cycle Audio-Ambient Techno Demo

Love the sound of old vintage synths and drum machines? Can’t afford to buy one? No worries, thanks to the people at Single Cycle Audio you can buy a demo of one. Not really sure what the overall point is of this but there is something I love about it and I just can’t stop playing!

TWRP – The Hit

Sometimes curiosity gets the better of you and after seeing a name or artwork you HAVE to play it. This is what happened with TWRP’s 2Nite EP. Any cover that features a Judge Dredd-like character, a lion wearing a headband, a weird gimp mask and a stormtrooper playing a guitar has to be good, right? I thought so too, but not even Ninja Sex Party, I don’t even want to know who or what that is, could save this fuck awful Daft Punk rip off.

El Huervo – Hunger

El Huervo means The Eggs, if my GCSE Spanish lessons are correct (los huevos, Nick – El Ciaran). If so, cheers Miss Killingback (yes that was her real name…). The genre of this track is described as 'beats chiptunes electronic hotline Miami'. Is that one genre? If so, it’s one I need to look into more as this album is pretty damn good! It’s so good, in fact, one commentor said “El Huervo has a very unique taste for creating music and I love it!” I think I’m starting to love it too!

Oddisee – That’s Love

One thing Bandcamp is teeming with is Hip-Hop and R&B. Sadly, a lot of it is gashtastic. However, The Good Fight by Oddisee certainly isn’t! Sounding like Outkast at their most playful, Oddisee makes perfect summer BBQ music or, as the man himself says, “Oddisee’s production simmers in its own orchestral gumbo.” Well that’s that sorted then…

Ryan York – If I Am This Forest

Ambient and glitchy are the first words that come to mind to describe the If I Am This Forest EP by Ryan York, which is right up my alley. Allegedly influenced and written about his home in Topanga Canyon, after a few listens what dawns on you is how poppy it sounds in places. Ambient glitch pop, who knew, but I’m glad it exists!